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  1. I was particularly stunned he claims to have spent £50k on it. Really £50k Someone should surely have stoped him!!
  2. If you are loking for a change maybe this would be nice http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/230591458306 Absolutely hideous in my opinion!!!!
  3. So far so good, cambelt and auxillary belts replaced plus oil change by ingnition No problems other than a bit of confusion about what grade of oil should have been used
  4. Kylie Sounds good I will hopefully see you at 8am in Pangboune! Stephen
  5. How many are meeting in pangbourne? Shall I meet up on route or meet you at Heyford Hill. I live not to far from Jct 12.
  6. That does not sound good with excessive wear, not quite the idea of a regular oil change. The car is not modified at all and is a standard UK WRX, sounds like I need to get the oil changed again which is a pain as I have just had it done. There must be quite a few cars running on 10w-60. Cheers
  7. Hmm, it seems there are a lot of different opinions on the oil grade, which makes things a little confusing I have just had my 03 wrx serviced by a Subaru 'specialist; and on their recommendation they used Castrol Edge 10W/60. Do you think this is too thick? What would be the effect? Car was previously running Castrol Magnatec 10W-40. Thanks!
  8. Where did you go in the end?? On the basis of this thread I am getting a new cambelt fitted by Ignition Motor Sport tomorrow, so will see how that goes. Then I want to go to a rolling road and see what the stock car is currently doing, was thinking of surrey rolling road. Although a quick look on youtube about rolling road mishaps is a bit worring !!
  9. Looks like a good day, I am signed up to. Mind you not often I see 8.30am on a sunday!
  10. Shoudnt be funny but some how really is !!!
  11. Have you managed to find a decent workshop manual? I am struggling to find one
  12. Glad to hear a recommendation for the rolling road at subaru4you. Once I get my cambelt changed was going to take my standard Blobeye WRX there to see what it does now, then if I make any mods go back to see the results
  13. Definately not you, but will keep my eyes open!
  14. A black classic in Tidmarsh today, had white decals, nice car!!
  15. Unfortunately dont think I can make it Have fun
  16. Now that looks like it, may well take your advice and get one myself
  17. Thanks will have a look, I am suprised there isn’t one readily available to buy, especially with the number of Impreza enthusiasts!
  18. I have a 2003 WRX and am wondering where the best place is to get hold of a decent workshop manual? All help appreciated! Cheers
  19. 1: ant84, didcot, subaru impreza 94 wagon gl in white 2: Big 'D', Carterton, 97' Subaru Impreza WRX Sti (White Noise) 3: Myles, Carterton, 02 Subaru Impreza WRX in Deep Blue Mica 4: stum450n, Witney, 54 Subaru Impreza GX Sport, Crystal Grey 5:andysti78, Didcot, 98 Subaru Impreza STI in white 6:andyjudge, Thatcham (Berks), 99 Impreza UK Turbo 2000 in Green 7:WhisperUK ( Andy C ) Oxford 1998 Turbo 2000 ( 245 bhp at the moment and getting there ) 8:Matty WRX - 2001 WRX Bugeye - Dark Blue, Dark Rims 9:Smiley Kylie - Didcot area every day for work - MY96 DBP sport and MY97 DBM sport 10. Vimmy, Carterton, 98 Subaru Impreza UK Turbo 2000 wagon in reddish blue 11. bex sti classic in black gloucestershire 12. Edmondo / SP - Swindon - 95 Jap WRX - Blueish with a few Graphics 13. adam and classic sti in wr1 blue from didcot 14. Bockett - Bucks- Bugeye STi (Silly Wheels ) 15. Michael Jenkins - Nr. Didcot - Subaru Impreza P1 #0488/1000 - TOTALLY STANDARD! 33k miles ;-) 16. Steven6118 - carterton / Lechlade - Impreza P1 #0854/1000 (P1 4SBO ) 17. Babydave112-didcot- impreza classic- green (s15ubs) 18. Myles -Carterton-Impreza Bug WRX-Dark Blue Mica-nail! 19. shwrx - 2003, WRX, Bugeye, Silver (Reading but work in Abbingdon)
  20. Saw the P1 you mentioned today as he pulled into the IAH this morning, definately a different one to yesterdays!! Also saw a white classic in Compton today ! :-) No one has spotted me yet!!!
  21. A green classic with WRC type yellow decalls today 8am ish driving through Tidmarsh and a Classic blue, P1 I think, around the Compton area, sorry I was to slow to wave!!!
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