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    I really like having a Subaru Impreza

    I was particularly stunned he claims to have spent £50k on it. Really £50k Someone should surely have stoped him!!
  2. shwrx

    I really like having a Subaru Impreza

    If you are loking for a change maybe this would be nice http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/230591458306 Absolutely hideous in my opinion!!!!
  3. shwrx

    what oil ?

    That does not sound good with excessive wear, not quite the idea of a regular oil change. The car is not modified at all and is a standard UK WRX, sounds like I need to get the oil changed again which is a pain as I have just had it done. There must be quite a few cars running on 10w-60. Cheers
  4. shwrx

    what oil ?

    Hmm, it seems there are a lot of different opinions on the oil grade, which makes things a little confusing I have just had my 03 wrx serviced by a Subaru 'specialist; and on their recommendation they used Castrol Edge 10W/60. Do you think this is too thick? What would be the effect? Car was previously running Castrol Magnatec 10W-40. Thanks!
  5. shwrx

    Fast car parody

    Shoudnt be funny but some how really is !!!
  6. shwrx

    382.8bhp from a VF35

    Have you managed to find a decent workshop manual? I am struggling to find one
  7. shwrx

    382.8bhp from a VF35

    Glad to hear a recommendation for the rolling road at subaru4you. Once I get my cambelt changed was going to take my standard Blobeye WRX there to see what it does now, then if I make any mods go back to see the results
  8. shwrx

    Scooby In Tidmarsh

    Definately not you, but will keep my eyes open!
  9. A black classic in Tidmarsh today, had white decals, nice car!!
  10. shwrx

    Workshop Manual

    Now that looks like it, may well take your advice and get one myself
  11. shwrx

    Workshop Manual

    Thanks will have a look, I am suprised there isn’t one readily available to buy, especially with the number of Impreza enthusiasts!
  12. I have a 2003 WRX and am wondering where the best place is to get hold of a decent workshop manual? All help appreciated! Cheers
  13. shwrx

    Fred The Raver

  14. Saw the P1 you mentioned today as he pulled into the IAH this morning, definately a different one to yesterdays!! Also saw a white classic in Compton today ! :-) No one has spotted me yet!!!
  15. A green classic with WRC type yellow decalls today 8am ish driving through Tidmarsh and a Classic blue, P1 I think, around the Compton area, sorry I was to slow to wave!!!