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  1. only just had my passenger airbag replaced after how many years? Not being able to have a front seat passenger has killed a lot of planned trips.
  2. Ian Grieves

    £475 for the years tax for my07 sti type uk hawkeye
  3. Trailering Car From Abz To Edinburgh

    thats about right. i have access to a very good trailer and my fourtrak 2.8tdx is an excellent tow car. usually give £20-30 to my friend to use his trailer (depending on mileage)and charged £1 a mile on top of that to collect a ford ka from durham.
  4. Starting to take shape

    nice choice of colour think i may need to pay that bodyshop a wee visit for a stone chip on one of the wings thats not looking too good on my urban grey hawkeye
  5. Lanarkshire Meet - 24 May 2012 - 1900Hrs

    was going to come along but i'm away on nightshift in liverpool as of later today
  6. What mods for my 2006 Black Hawkeye STI

    black headlights and reduced chrome rear lights
  7. Well thats it:

    No kidding. i took mine off the road in december to avoid the winter roads.. driving theA70 from carnwath to balerno every day for work it would have been ruined. bought an old ford ka for £400 (YUK!!!!) to run back and forth and glad i did one week into driving the ka and i put it down a pothole... domed strut tower, mashed top mount collapsed damper snapped spring and drop link and burst one of the lower arm bushes as well as denting the steel wheel and cutting th tyre open.. thats on 65 profile tyres. all fixed for less than £100 if that had been my impreza i'd have been off to see the bank manager to fix that. still running the ka now as the roads still haven't been fixed. not even tar shoved in the holes plus the small matter of £435 to re-tax it and a grand to insure it means i'll need to hit bonus and do some serious overtime to get it back on the road as for petrol pffft time to leave the country lol
  8. January Lanarkshire Meet

    if i come along i may have to park on other side of the carpark... currently piloting a beat up old ford ka... £400's worth lol
  9. Winter Tyres - Who Will Be Running Them?

    running re070's here as well not by choice as the car was supposed to be tucked up this winter it's not getting stuck but it's very very twitchy and when on compacted snow it's sliding all the time... nearly binned it this morning as the road sloped to the left and the car tried to slide down to the fence can't afford winter tyres DOH!
  10. Fitted some bling under the RB's bonnet

    what make is the strut brace?
  11. Kames Track Day

    had a word with said dc2 driver. he's working bloody call centre shifts suck lol would love to take my civic on but it's got a long way to go... (see link below) http://www.ek9.org/forum/members-rides/13500-ssb-ek4-b18c6-5.html had some bad reception in the early pages due to people not realising the previous owner was a douche anyways i have a few other people i'm going to try
  12. SIDC rolling road day, CANCELLED

    the electrical fault was the second attempt for ek9.org guys which i was to attend on both occasions. first cancelation was 2 days prior to the event second cancelation was the night before whole thing was a pita and they let scottish scoobies down as well none of my cars will be ready for this anyway (scooby needs a remap and the ek9 civic is still in the process of re-shelling and i doubt i'll be finished it on time) so good luck with it

    i did tick that box though :S and even when you login to your vpower account theres no way of changing it

    i tried to get the money for fuel vouchers but the buggers keep sending me gift vouchers for buying gift vouchers in the petrol stations.... had 3000 points redeemed to give me a £15 off voucher which i have no idea what to use on and would much rather have the money off my fuel oh and btw 3000 points is 1500 litres
  15. Total Impreza

    second from bottom left hand side