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  1. I am in need of help to find out what the fault is on my 1998 Subaru impreza. The engine check light is on, I have changed all the cheap parts before getting some more expensive parts. I have replaced the maf sensor, spark plugs, ht leads, coil pack, idle control valve and the throttle position sensor and still have no clue why the engine check light is on. The car is struggling to idle and runs like it has a miss fire, as it is on a apex ecu I can't do the flash code ontge engine check light any one know what it might be or in the wantage area an wouldn't mind having a look at it
  2. Does any one live around wantage with a impreza classic need some help on fault finding on my impreza as spent loads on parts and still no joy
  3. I will come over one night won't be in the next to weeks as I am going bak to Coventry for 2 weeks but when I am bak I will cone down to one of the Tuesday night ones just have to get me know where as not from around here
  4. That is way you might feel buddy not saying nothing against it all I am saying is all that is happening is the gases flow faster out and because the cat has gone it coats up the lamba and sends a fault
  5. Does anyone fancy a lil meet up tonight in or around the didcot area
  6. Also having a full dcat does not mean you have to have a remap
  7. Didn't see any of you I come down the 34 at about 0645 though
  8. A reason for why it can come up as the lamber sensor pics up higher emissions so it puts the light up sometimes. If you get it reset it will only throw the fault bak up. It is not always that though if you have a induction kit on it is known to burn out the air mass sensor that can also bring the engine management light up, it just a couple of things I found with my classic might not be the same with a newer one.
  9. I am out and about around the didcot area at the mi but nothing is out so been having abit of b road fun lol
  10. Well that's call then I will be trying to get to as many meets as I can as I am putting mine up for sale after I do the wheel refurb and respray I think one of those cars that owes me alot of money though and there fore will be one I won't want to sell lol
  11. I am sure a couple of us in the didcot area can meet mid week if one can't be aranged don't won't to go behind any ones bak though if there was a problem
  12. Any is good for me as long as there evening as work in the day till about 5 sane for most really lol
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