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  1. vimmy if u still have the bike if uve still got it o btw is a mens frame or boys, only ask the link u sent me b4 was of a boys frame cheers buddy
  2. ive had a sleep on it now, we might still be moving were not sure but after my wages came through i cant finacaly keep my car now, im not happy but if anyone is intrested than please get in touch. i couldnt even afford to go look at the house today well annoyed now. but its 100% up for sale.
  3. lol if its going free then that would be great but i cant afford to buy another car mate.
  4. any how advice about car situation is what i was looking for lol
  5. were looking at the priory vale (new build area) right next door to the wallmart. weve been told the good and bad parts and this the best area by far. we wouldnt want to live in a **** hole or somewere with a high crime rate. at the mo were having to put up with next door to pissheads/druggys and a pub a few hundred yards away with the garentie of police there every fri, sat and sunday nite, plus the court is round the corner and the police station so all the pissed off people come out and stop outsid our house as its just out of view from the station. its **** were we are now and dont get me
  6. the situation im in is a very sticky one. we want to move to swindon but i want to keep my current job in abingdon and with my heavy foot(even driving normal the extra distance will cost more) fuel cost a mth would double and we would never be able to afford it. plus my wife needs to pass her test and if i add her to my insurnace it goes up loads to much for me to pay every mth for her to be on it. so it looks if i move to swindon im going to have to sell the scooby till i get transfured to the swindon store and jade passes her test then i can buy a turbo!!. i would buy another car for her to
  7. sorry i couldnt turn up my sis had come up to visit and spent the weekend with her. will hopfuly make next one or a mini meet. hope some one took pics
  8. no mate i didnt coz they had music playing for the whole 24hrs and i wasent htere from 4-11pm im in this afternoon and im off work from 2mora for 11days so feel free to give me a text to see if im about
  9. pics up or pop round buddy would like to the see the new exhaust mate
  10. weres tony from? im doing it with a group called the THONGRANGERS we are a local based group from didcot oxfordshire, today as i type the team are doing a 24hr kerb relay (85lb kerb stone) on there shoulder up and down a stretch coving about 1/4 mile in a relay fashon for a sick baby unit in oxford hospital. btw i would be doing it but im training for the bike ride and didnt want to injour myself
  11. man i can wait to go to the bonny land in august, im doing a charity bike ride so be good to see all these views in person and well done btw for driving up there bud
  12. anyone been pasted yet? ive seen 3 scoobys so far 2 green (1 with a buckled rear wheel) and one black one
  13. hi guys and girls, im part of a group called THE DIDCOT THONG RANGERS! we raise money for alsorts of charitys from individual causes to well known charitys like our next event for SNAPP. our next event: 24hr yes 24hr kerb relay!!! this in support of SNAPP in the oxford john radcliff hospital, basicly the guys will be carrying a 85lb solid concrete kerb stone on there shoulder in a relay style for 24hrs outside the malbourgh club in didcotfrom 12midday on the 29th may to 12midday on the 30th id be very grateful for as many scooby owners in the area to be able to show there support for us guys.
  14. thanks buddy once u know pm me ur price cheers
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