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  1. Tailored Car Mats

    Here is a photo of the ones i had done, and they are good quality..
  2. Tailored Car Mats

    Hi Mate, I been down this road and the best company I found was "ambassidor car matts" link below http://www.ambassadorcarmats.co.uk/ I wanted as close to original as possable, sent them a picture of my original mats and told them I want them the same and they made them for me, front 2 cost about £50 from memory
  3. Blobeye Rear Lights On Hawk

    Yes the looms will fit they are a bit fiddley mind, from what i remember its the plastic bulb holders are tight, I just took the edges off with a stanley knife.. You can also change the light set up to get the JDM look if you fancy it, so the round lights will be your side lights and the outer lights will become the brake lights...
  4. Top man, thanks Don..!
  5. Is the pollen filter behind the clovebox on a hawkeye then.?
  6. That will be the tracker running down the battery, common fault if you dont use the car much..
  7. Blobeye Rear Lights On Hawk

    First mod I done on mine..I'am not a fan of the lexus style lights, Go for it..
  8. Remap At Indigo-Gt

    I had my Hawkeye STI done there about 6 months ago, Antony is a good mapper, and i would recomend them to anyone..