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  1. the harnesses for when gill drives chris ??
  2. John / ctuz is down gala way im sure. I used to live in lauder but moved back into edinburgh a few year ago
  3. Welcome along lad. Where you based and got any pocs of the car
  4. Hey welcome. Where abput you based
  5. Use photobucket or other image hosting website . And copy the img code/link and paste it in here.
  6. Welcome bk. Where u based/ from What motor you planning on getting
  7. Welcome dave. Cpl of us kickin about edinburgh.. got any pics of the evo cough cough
  8. Welcome back. Sorry a dnt have a gb270 ap cant comment. Tho my blobeye is fairly comfy haha
  9. No the best tony. So what you gonna do now
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