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  1. hi the bast way to see if the gars carging is start the car let it tik over then just undo the red or x on the batty if the car runs ok the holtenater charging ok. if engine cuts out it need new holtee cheers if its ok then the flicking is or maybe the earth on car cleen all and on boddy
  2. hi i need 2 exady hiper twin cluch disc for spers as i just found out thay are not cheep to buy in the uk but can get them in rhd japan but mybe some one my now somthing thay are the twin 6 paddle cusco tipe, if you now were, email me cheers tein coil overs need the rears ) mono flex subaru wrx 2005 thanks again ]by the way if you are needing parts for you pitbikes, quads, mini moto for you or the kids get in tuch i can help, just for the subaru members email me
  3. hello seen some nice subaru,s nice been a bit bizzy with the car and the bizzness sory frends
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