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  1. Oi Fatboy

    First Friday of the month , Sun Inn at 7.30pm.......Be there or be a gay fatboy


  2. Swindon meet

    I shall pop along to this one
  3. Swindon meet

    i will come along again
  4. More Power

    Hello all i havent posted on here in ages so i thought i would post a update on my car. I brought a full 3inch decat for the car then a uprated fuel pump. Then i went all out and went and had Bob Rawle fit a simtek ecu. He really is good my car is so much better now. Its alot faster and with a two stage map very nice to drive about town Cheers James
  5. Power Gains

    Hello mate mine is a S plate so 98/99 so crossing fingers that will not need a new ecu
  6. Power Gains

    Hello Guys and Girls A question for you good people i have a uk 2000 turbo it has a induction kit and a full 3inch decat exhaust system. I now have the money for a re-map were is a good place to go i am in swindon and have you got any ideas on price and what peformance gains i would expect from that type of set up. Or would it be worth picking up a td05 turbo and larger injectors and fitting them then getting done and what would the peformance be then. Your help would be good Cheers James
  7. Chat Thread 4

    It does hurt mate because you will not be covered if you crash into some one. Its just one of those things get a subaru and pay high insurance thats the way it is.
  8. newbie

    That looks great mate really liking that.
  9. newbie

    That looks really nice and clean mate and welcome along.
  10. Chat Thread 4

    Morning all how are things. I washed and waxed the car yesterday dam it looks good if i do say so myself. Just dont let a 4 year old and a 8 year old help because they dont. My 4 year old washed the inside of one of the doors for me which was nice. I did t-cut the exhaust much to Mrs Gaunty saying i was a muppet for it which i thought was a little on the harsh side. Now just waiting for the better weather to come so i can start fitting goodies to it
  11. ok Folks

    Ed you will be missed mate i no longer sit up till silly oclock posting getting more and more drunk getting abuse and i will miss that you sir are a true legend when it comes to talking rubbish at 2 in the morning after one to many strongbows. You made it a really good laugh. Me and Mrs Gaunty wish you all the best on what ever you do
  12. Chat Thread 4

    Yeah it was in swindon about half 9 tonight nah it was not a wagon.I would loved of asked him what he had done. I have now told mrs gaunty that the re-map is happening sooner rather than later.
  13. Chat Thread 4

    Hello all any one on here seen the blue classic with the HID lights on bloody thing is a little quick oh and how are we all
  14. Chat Thread 4

    Mines not lowered just my exhaust hangs low and catches now and then which is always fun. Even though i dont get much chance to drive it as mrs gaunty can now drive it i get left with the volvo which is really no fun no matter what i try with it and trust me i have tried