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  1. Rusty lower radiator panel

    Final bill was just shy of 2K! However, that includes painting the boot and roof including all pillars and into the rear quarters. Looks like new though. Check under your radiators folks, and try to catch it before it rusts too badly!
  2. The Future's Electric

    Unfortunately, the price of fuel is only going one way long term and our guzzling Boxers just can't adapt. Pumping losses and the AWD system are the unbreachable walls. IMHO, the only way to overcome this is getting rid of the gearbox, the true heart of a Subaru. A Squirrel cage AC direct drive at each corner, gives you fully torque bias independent AWD, with a range extending generator to provide power and fast recharging en route. The tech is there now to produce an Impreza sized car with the power of the STi and actually be lighter than the recently deceased version. It's been compact enough to run in MPV type cars for the last 2-3 years already. You take DC and invert it with a frequency proportional to the speed you want. The frequency varies as you press the pedal. The Difference between frequency and speed gives slip which produces torque and current flow. If any tyre slips, the slip and torque to it reduces. Simples. I've been a fan of this kind of drive for ages. I love engines and fast cars and bikes, but I'm not afraid of the future...
  3. 2004 WRX wind deflectors

    Any update?Were you able to get some?
  4. Car Tax

    £245 for me. If my car was newer than April 2010 it would be £549. They're just having a laugh really. Covered less than 1,000 miles last year...
  5. Rusty lower radiator panel

    OK to be fair. I should pop it off and powder coat it to be honest while I've got the chance. Edit: looked this morning and it's fine. Just light surface rust, but for £14 I'll replace it anyway. Ordered a genuine Subaru middle gauge pod too. More money I don't have right now....
  6. Rusty lower radiator panel

    He's going at the remaining rust with a miniature sand blasting set before welding all the new panels back on this afternoon. Should be ready to paint tomorrow. Then the fun starts working out which bolt goes where... It'll rest over the weekend and get a full underseal and wax oiling before re-assembly. To be honest, the metal around the front is painfully thin. I know modern cars are designed to implode if a pedestrian is anywhere near, but even this surprised me. As you say, it's in the right place to be sorted.
  7. Rusty lower radiator panel

    Right then. Here's the offending worm's dinner plate. I was right to get it done it seems.... Hate to think what this is going to cost me though...
  8. Rusty lower radiator panel

    Had a good look today and really should have ordered a full front panel. Ho Hum. Front edge of roof is showing rust too. Why Subaru have to skimp painting the bloody shells so badly is beyond me.. It's quite dark as a lot of ACF-50 had been applied to the rusty areas when I first saw them to stop it getting any worse. Anyway. In the body shop now so I'll get a few pics of it with the front cut out tomorrow. Can't wait to get it back on the road to be honest. Not driven it for 5 months now.
  9. Rusty lower radiator panel

    ICP is always a bit cheaper, granted, but not a lot in it. I got the top and mid stay panels too to be sure. Bumper cross frame and subframe is being powder coated, and the new lower loom brackets are also being powder coated to add more protection.... they're VERY rusty.
  10. So, I changed my cam belt and took the opportunity to de-gas and change out the leaking condenser too. On inspection, the lower radiator panel, mounting brackets top and bottom and front of the subframe and also inner bumper are all rotten. Nice. Rest of the car is nice and cleaned, undersealed and waxoiled. So, now ordered new upper and lower rad panels, front stay and new brackets too. Bumper will go to be blasted and powder coated in primer and subframe likewise in black. I'd check your cars out under the front, it's not pleasant. The metal is cheap and plentiful in stock at Subaru...I suspect mine isn't the first to need attention.
  11. New Sti owner

    Welcome Pablo. 06 2.5 STi owner myself. Enjoy!
  12. G

  13. Impreza Rear spoiler for sale

    Hate to say this, but you can't give these things away. I have a Crystal Grey one (with brake light) and can't offload it even to the breaker!
  14. Snow in north east Hertfordshire

    I take my front lip off, raise the car with the coilovers and put winter tyres on every November and drop it back in April, after the kids go back from Easter. Rarely get snow... but live in hope most years!!
  15. Suspension 1999

    Hi, just to add, be careful about lowering, it does not add stability or anything to the handling of the car! Your Impreza has McPherson strut suspension. Have a look on the basics on Google if you want. To keep it very simple, the McPherson Strut has a serious roll center change with ride height. Dropping 25mm will lower Roll Center by up to 100mm. The Car's roll behaviour is based on Roll Center, Center of Gravity and with lateral force you get a roll torque which is what makes the car lean. By lowering the ca, the distance between Roll Center and CoG increases, so roll torque goes up, and the car rolls more, unless resisted by stiffer springs. This in turn makes the rider harsher. The GC8 and GD models share the trait in that they tend to roll into the rear corner, so a few degrees more rake, i.e. lowering the front, can remove this trait, though usually only 5-10mm is required. Some folk go for a stiffer rear ARB to reduce the lean into the back corner but again, single bumps are harsher. There is so much to suspension, but a drop usually ruins a cars ability to soak up roads and can ruin agility too. Once you lower, then you go down the route of changing the front outer balljoints to restore roll center with the Whiteline or RCM Roll Center Correction Kit parts. Do you want tol throw money at it or just make it look a little nicer? If the latter, then I'd recommend looking at replacing the shocks with decent KYB ones and springs to lower the car only 25mm or so maybe 30mm at the front. Either way, the O.E. stuff will be very tired by now... One thing rarely mentioned, (except by me) is that BC Coils as standard cannot adjust to lift the car back to O.E. ride. You can specify them as +60mm length if you want and springs as low as 4kg/3kg too. Plusher high speed compression damping is available, all within the standard cost. You can play with ride height and geo to your heart's content then.