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    The Future's Electric

    Unfortunately, the price of fuel is only going one way long term and our guzzling Boxers just can't adapt. Pumping losses and the AWD system are the unbreachable walls. IMHO, the only way to overcome this is getting rid of the gearbox, the true heart of a Subaru. A Squirrel cage AC direct drive at each corner, gives you fully torque bias independent AWD, with a range extending generator to provide power and fast recharging en route. The tech is there now to produce an Impreza sized car with the power of the STi and actually be lighter than the recently deceased version. It's been compact enough to run in MPV type cars for the last 2-3 years already. You take DC and invert it with a frequency proportional to the speed you want. The frequency varies as you press the pedal. The Difference between frequency and speed gives slip which produces torque and current flow. If any tyre slips, the slip and torque to it reduces. Simples. I've been a fan of this kind of drive for ages. I love engines and fast cars and bikes, but I'm not afraid of the future...
  2. No problems. I might try it again now the sound deadening is in place.

  3. Hi Mark, thanks for your message, I'm afraid my scooby is up for sale, I'm having to do more miles so had to buy something more economical :(

  4. Hi,

    How's your car coming on? Still want this backbox? I'm coming over in February and can bring it with me if you still want it. Mark.