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  1. It wouldn't help. For photography it's a white vest, with a number on it. Also you need a pass that has the same number on. Private photographers can apply for press passes you know...
  2. So many places......you really have to spend a few practice evenings getting about a bit. Unfortunately all the best places are now Restricted zones...Far too dangerous in our cotton wool wrapped life to actually be allowed to watch or take pictures from them... However, there is still a few. The Pros get press passes to enable access. Places like inside the corner at Creg-Ny-Baa give a great shot. You can stand on the balcony and get the infamous Rod Organ shot coming down from Kates though. Sulby Bridge, Windy corner, Braddan, @union Mills, Ballagarrey (Scary), Kirk Michael Village, I could go one and on and on ,and still not get all the places you can get great shots at. It is 37 3/4 miles of track! I recon at a quieter time might be worth it or contact a Pro photographer if you really want a good tip or ten. I just Marshal, so get a front row spot... hint.
  3. I live on the Isle of Man....plenty of space to ope nit up and use the power! I have a dual mapped setup so a choice of 360 or 280bhp. I can't remember the last time I bothered to put it in high boost...... That should tell you the reality of spending a fortune to get extra ponies to enable you to reach the next queue at the red lights 1 second quicker....
  4. With the EJ 2.5 it really depends on boost. If left standard, it really will last a long time. Providing you stick to service schedules. It seems the O.E 1.0BAR is spot on for this engine. If you go above 1.2BAR boost, it lifts the heads causing head gasket failure. Above 1.3BAR and it's virtually guaranteed they'll blow. Ringland isn't too much of a problem if you let it warm up first. Other than that once the gaskets fail, the No 3 gets too hot and then the ringlands can go. The 2.5 is NOT a competition homologated engine. Not, your Hatch and later cars aren't strictly EJs I believe, but FB engines. My EJ257 had been run at 1.3BAR and it had done the gaskets when I bought it. I could smell it immediately before I bought it and the sale was mutually agreed on condition. It had 36,000 miles on it. Alan Jeffery got it, forged pistons, rod and balanced crank in the rebuild, with 11mm studs and Cosworth gaskets. It now runs 1.5BAR absolutely reliably all day long... Not cheap, but peace of mind..
  5. MarkJHarris

    01 Change My Mind - Best UK Subaru

    No Stock- No longer supplied. Shame.
  6. MarkJHarris

    01 Change My Mind - Best UK Subaru

    Nice. I wish I could get hold of a set of those headlight protectors now.
  7. MarkJHarris

    2015 WRX STi flat battery

    My car is rarely used too now. I have a nice little 10,000mAh LiION battery that can charge my phone and iPad, or jump the car. It can start a dead flat car too. Very impressive little thing. I take it away with me. Has to go hand baggage anyway, so perfect to wake the car up. I should plug a solar apck into it to be fair as it's outside facing south in my car park spot....
  8. MarkJHarris

    01 Change My Mind - Best UK Subaru

    I also prefer the lower scoop profile. Otherwise I'm not able to pick whether the Blob or Hawk front ends are better looking.
  9. MarkJHarris

    01 Change My Mind - Best UK Subaru

    Only problem I found with my old Blob was the bonnet lifting at the corners at speed. My Hawkeye doesn't do that. Forged 2.5 now so no worries about reliability either. That's the keeper for me.
  10. MarkJHarris

    Roof trims

    I can recommend East Kent Subaru. They're breaking a Hawkeye right now. 01227 860843. I've had a few bits off it already.
  11. MarkJHarris

    Gold wheels

    If it uploads, here's one of the old crappy scratched and flaky silver 08 wheels I managed to buy on ebay..... after CMC in Leeds had finished with them.
  12. MarkJHarris

    Roof trims

    Plenty of broken cars out there to get replacements from. I have a few clips left over if you need them, there's three different ones all colour coded.
  13. MarkJHarris

    Gold wheels

    Should be able to pick up a set of four standard 17x8s easily enough on Ebay. Loads of 08 on cars had them and sold them online once the tyres were done to get 18" upgrades. Probably silver in colour but if you get them for a reasonable proice they'd need sorting anyway. I'd recommend the place in Leeds that did mine . Perfect finish.
  14. MarkJHarris

    Car Tax

    I reckon I know the reason the Boxers are so bad. Having driven from Turkey at 130mph on th autobahns I got spectacular fuel economy. Weird. Better at 130mph than at 70? Yes. The real reason our cars are so thirsty is pumping losses. We spend almost all our time on virtually closed throttles, with big pistons trying to suck a cylinder full past the closed throttle and inlet tract and turbo, etc. Comparison. Nissan Micra. Micra to drive at steady 50mph. about 13bhp. Impreza STi to do the same. 20bhp. Bigger tyres and a bit more drag. Micra to generate 13bhp in top gear needs probably half to 3/4 throttle. Hence if you drive at 50mph and floor it nothing happens. Scooby is virtually on closed throttle, in either 5th or 6th. Touch the pedal and the horizon comes at you rapidly. Micra has a dinky manual box and narrow tyres. to put 13bhp down it needs to make 18-20bhp at the crank. Thus the fuel economy is 50-60mpg. Impreza has AWD, big tyres and three differentials. To make that 20bhp at the road it probably puts out 35bhp at the crank. Hence Drive like a nun and you'll still not get 30mpg. Thus manufacturers are getting into little engines and selective cylinder operation. Can't really do that with a Boxer. We're fooked.
  15. MarkJHarris

    Subaru coin

    I must check the change pot more regularly then. Let you know if i find one.