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  1. Seen a few pics of the river at lechlade today looks like the surrounding fields are flooded. Defo when the nights draw out maybe have a meet if we can get enough interest.
  2. Still a few of us kicking around swindon we met up a few times last year at lechlade. We usually meet the oxford lads there so its a good place to meet in between the two. Sadly a couple of the lads who tended to organise the meets sold there cars but I'm still game for a meet if anyone else is.
  3. Hello Squire

    First Friday of the month ( May 4th ) , 7.30pm at the Sun Inn....see ya soon bud.


  4. Be interesting to see if he replys to anyone.
  5. He has got the police involved that email address is the guy who took his money. Maybe someone will scam him then. He is a busy little bee now doing landcruisers. http://www.landcruiserclub.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=110492
  6. Just been through all ten emails to my cousin and they all have +0200 on the time bar. Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2012 12:28:36 +0200 Subject: Re: Volvo XC90 From: tmx1975@gmail.com To: Nick, I'm working on an oil rig so pick up is not possible but I can have the car delivered to you by a delivery company for £100. Since I presume you aren't familiar with eBay's Purchase Program, I have briefly described the transaction's steps below: 1. Buyer, Seller reach an agreement (price and delivery conditions) 2. Buyer sends the money to eBay and they inform the seller that the payment was received. 3. Seller delivers the vehicle. 4. Buyer accepts delivery and informs eBay about the acceptance. 5. eBay releases the money to seller. As you can see, you'll receive the car BEFORE any money is released to me. You'll get the chance to inspect it, test it and everything you like while your money is still safely held in eBay's account. ONLY after you confirm with eBay that you'll agree to keep the car, they'll release the money to me. If for some reason, you won't keep the car (I assure you that is NOT going to happen since my car is in IMMACULATE condition inside and out) I will take it back on MY EXPENSE and eBay will send you your money back. From the moment you receive the car you have 3 days to inspect it. If it's not like I said or something is not ok with it you can reject it and eBay will fully refund you and the car will be delivered back to me on my expense. The car will be delivered directly to your requested address as soon as I will have the payment confirmation from eBay. In order to go ahead with the sale I need your full name and address for delivery. Thank you, Joe
  7. Yeh thats his email address a message has been sent asking if the car is still for sale as cash is waiting to pay for it.
  8. Spoke to my cousin last night he had just lost £3000 pound buying a volvo through ebay or so he thought. I will post the first email from this not very nice individual. Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2012 13:34:12 +0200 Subject: Re: Volvo XC90 From: tmx1975@gmail.com To: Nick, The payment will be done using bank transfer. As I said, pick up isn't possible because I'm working on an oil rig but I can arrange the delivery of the car for £100... Please read my previous email and you will see that you'll get a chance to VIEW and TEST the car before any money is given to me... This way everybody is happy: I see that you are a serious buyer with money and NOT a time waster and you'll view/test the car before any money is given to me... Please decide quickly if you wish to buy it or not by the specified terms because I do have other people interested in the car. In order to go ahead with the sale I need your full name and address for delivery. Once the requested details will be provided, eBay will contact you with ALL the info regarding delivery, payment, purchase protection and refund policy so please provide your details before any other questions. You will find 90% of answers in the info eBay will send you. Will wait to hear from you. Thank you, Joe
  9. We didn't attend this last year any idea if we will this year ?
  10. Only just spotted this thread sorry to read your stepping down Darren all the best in your new venture.
  11. Not sure about next meet only me and Plodster turned up at the last one !
  12. Just me and Plodster turned up for this, thanks for making the trip from Salisbury. Nice to meet you and your girlfriend.
  13. Will pop down later sorry ur unwell Bailey.
  14. Hi glad you had a good day and yes we are out there somewhere.
  15. Need a few more names on the list or me and Bailey are going to be pretty lonesome.
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