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  1. Northants ... My mate has just got the car and was just wondering if anyone on here had the pleasure of owning it ;-)
  2. Did any of you on here own a silver v5 sti wagon S998 JUB ? It has a Sidc tax disc holder in the screen so just thought I would see if it was anyone's on here
  3. as above im looking for an import to get my next scoob cheers
  4. is there any difference between a wrx sti and an sti......im looking to buy another scooby but trying to sort out what to go for also do youknow of any import websites cheers
  5. hello people i used to be on here a few years back as i had a classic import but as i wasn't using it i sold it but i now want another as i miss the speed ... i have looked on ebay,auto trader and piston heads but i think i need to go down the finance route so probabilly need a trade sale can anyone tell me where else to look .my last one was running 330bhp so im looking for one around the same any advice much appreciated cheers mike
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