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  1. Did u get the fozzy organised chris?
  2. That will add time lol more weight hahaha
  3. Chapter 4 My new samco hoses should have me round the ring in 27mins 58 seconds, but gill still doing it in 11 mins, I hope she doesnt melt my brake pads she really drives the car like the stig (maybe she is the stig)
  4. Weve cancelled it now due to short numbers but will possibly have another soon, we have the riverside display on 20th october if u fancy popping down for a bit
  5. Just found out they are removing colins car on the 7th of october, whats that all about??
  6. Next one is sunday afternoon at the showcase 2pm
  7. Tesco cheap wash and wax, seems quite good apart from that its ph neutral
  8. If u live close to us you should come on our glasgow runs
  9. Early start for u dave at 3.31 am lol
  10. Some tracknights are only 45 quid
  11. Knockhill is a great starter track, tight to the left and pull right into the corners, and floor it, knochill is hard on your nearside tyres and brakes but you will be having so much fun you wont care, im hoping to get my hawk sorted out for next year with new droplinks and lowered, been round a fair few times on bike, skyline and classic
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