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  1. z3mcoupe999

    Manifold On Ebay

    what one is it you have the same one as in the link or janspeed one ? cheers
  2. z3mcoupe999

    Manifold On Ebay

    Can anyone suggest a quality decated exhaust header ? as the one i currently have JANSPEED seems pretty poor has cracked twice since owning the car . Car is a 1999 RB5 that i use for track use so if anyone has one for sale or can suggest anything give me a shout Cheers
  3. z3mcoupe999

    Which Turbo

    Hi mate i have a mint TD04 turbo no smoke or play at all and a RB5 WR Sport prodrive ecu that would fit straight in if the cars a UK spec car.No need for a remap then. Ran 282bhp with exhaust and panel filter Can have the Turbo and Ecu for £360 if anyone is interested.