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  1. Has Anyone Heard?

    Very sad to hear Higgy was killed in an accident. Great character and always had a good laugh with him. The bridge of Higgy run would be a good tribute, he would have loved that as a send off. RIP Simon
  2. Hypertech

    Just like to say a big thanks to Duncan, young Duncan, Alex and the rest of the crew for getting me out of the mire on more than one occasion at the last minute so i can go racing. With out your help i would have missed Two events. Much appreciated Jac
  3. RMS Exhausts

    Top quality work and price from Willy at Meercat. Custom zost on my scoob 2 years ago and still going strong.
  4. G.mac's Build Thread

    Engine mounts are the wrong way round
  5. ARB thickness?

    Good choice 22mm on your car, go bigger on a road car can make things more interesting in the wet. What you gain in one hand you will lose in the other.
  6. ARB thickness?

    Have a look here http://www.whiteline.com.au/index.php
  7. Crail 07/11/2010

    I bet you did keech your kegs when you went for the brake. I am glad it didn't turn out to be a lot worse as it easily could have. Roll on the 7th when you get into the tens
  8. So here we are again, back in Archie's world. If you post up nonsense no one can challenge it and if they do, they have a complex. You have the same car as John had 3 years ago and cant get anywhere near his times. John, i have respect for because you don't see him bumming up him self and belittling fellow competitors to make him self look good. Stop trying to be some one you will never be.
  9. Andy, i thought Archie was the lap dog, are you going for a new title before the season ends. woof woof
  10. No Archie, it doesn't sort anything. You are still having cheap digs about me coming last at events and boasting, that never happened to you in the last 3 years but hey presto, not true again. Not only Doune, but also East Fortune. Once again what you post up here has no substance. Get out your little bubble and get real.
  11. Did you not finish last at Doune Archie ?
  12. Thanks to Dunc At Hypertech And Andy F magic.

    Nice one Chris, Glad you got the mapping sorted in the end. Now lets see a low tens, you deserve it big time
  13. No Archie, Andy is 87.5% wrong in saying " give the others a chance to get close " For the record Andy... Archie is only faster at 1 event out of 8. The Andy Forest propaganda machine in full flow
  14. You should do away with the bar that you have bolted in to help you make gear changing easier. I think you are thinking to much about you gear change which is making it more of a issue with you. Just do the same as we all do, change gear normally and i am sure once you learn how to do it, it will benefit you in the long run.