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  1. I'm on my second one in 3 years 20k miles
  2. I've got a ninja2 back box for sale from a newage
  3. I've had Bc on for the past 4 years replaced the rears twice in about 40.000 miles they do t seem to last to long but are far better than standard shocks in my opinion.
  4. There's a lot of local facebook subaru pages now which are obviously instantly accessible, the lazy mans way of getting access . Sidc is stuck with no answers unfortunately.
  5. Falken 452 for time being , pretty good when brand spanking utter crap when there's a few 1000 miles on them
  6. 1. Scooby222 - Booked 2. STI and - Booked 3 PhilMC & 1 4 DaveyL WRX and the wench - Booked 5. Wayne & Audrey Telford 6. Badbaz - Booked 7. StrikE - Booked 8. Wrx Kenny +1 booked
  7. Welcome along , fling some pics up , there's plenty of club members from n lanarkshire on here . Kenny
  8. I used 10/50 f:s on my original engine , now use 10/60 go onto opie oils you'll find all the info you need there . Kenny
  9. Straight to perth andy , going to be a long enough drive without detours , hook up on the m90 with us
  10. Seeing as there is nothing organised for this unless ive missed it I will be at McDonald's newbridge Sunday morning at 8 am , anyone wishing to convoy up from the beastie eastie meet here peeps . Kenny
  11. I'd like to drive my ex wife into a never ending hole , goodbye ****nuts ?
  12. How do , I need a 3" decat centre pipe where is the best place to get one pref in Scotland all I seem to see is 2 1/2 . Thanks Kenny
  13. Excellent intro made me laugh and the best colour , enjoy the club . Kenny
  14. Welcome back, I'm a complete member Kenny
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