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  1. Highland Fling 2010,may 1st,2nd

    35 donk think ill be up for this
  2. spotted a blue classic on A87 on skye between broadford an sligachan about 3:30 or so today saw u wave an flash da lights
  3. subaru

  4. Live From Skye

    hi everyone , it was nice 2 meet u on the skye weekend hope 2 do it again sometime an other things , had a great time an a execeiient drive an crac thanks DJ
  5. think ill be up 4 that ave 2 check wi work , no problem getting petrol on skye their is broadford petrol station it sells super unleaded an so does the one in kyle before u go on 2 skye an maybe portree as well cant remember though , hope thats a help