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  1. That's lucky but easy done. Means you were running with an invalid insurance policy aswell. I know there is the date on the MOT Cert. but it would help if a reminder is sent. Main garages do send "your MOT is due for renewal" letters but that's just for your business if you went there for your old MOT.
  2. Certainly is! Will need to have a read over the owners manual to see what it can do! Just like to say thanks to everyone who has helped me through PM trying to find a type r, you know who you are
  3. Heres some of the spec: Short motor from WR1 Cosworth multilayer steel head gaskets VF35 Turbo FMIC stainless tubular headers full stainless exhaust with no cats warlbro 255lph fuel pump induction kit with zero sports hard pipe NGKPFR7 plugs Apexi AVCR boost controller knocklink built in dash Apexi boost gauge, oil pressure gauge and oil temp gauge Cusco blue adjustable coilovers Black Diamond grooved and spotted with EBC Red stuff pads Toyo proxes T1Rs Clifford concept G5 alarm with intellistart and anti hijack Full rust protection underneath - looks spotless. I think that's the main things. I need to get it remapped again as it's running slightly rich and need to get the AVCR set up again but it's perfectly safe just now and running sweet.
  4. I'm more of a drafts man myself
  5. Felt better, Colin. Was running without the boost controller and then he put it on and some kick it gives and keeps going right through the rev range. Cusco coilovers were firm but felt really nice. Will post up spec tomorrow as I'm shattered today after the travelling etc. Thanks for the positive words though guys
  6. ...Type R Just got back from looking at a Type R and have put a deposit down and will pick her up in the next few weeks A few pics...will add more details later...
  7. Thursday for me too. Close to weekend so something to look forward to during the week. Football training on Wednesday nights and football on Sundays. The weekends arent great to get a decent turnout as most people make plans with family/friends/sport etc so a Thursday night is perfect for meets IMO
  8. I thought if I buy the jacket now then I will have to get back on the scooby scene! Or I could be like Joey in Friends where he has all the Porsche gear to pretend he has one!
  9. I always used Shell V Power and wouldn't put anything else in.
  10. Thats a deal and a half! - I think they are just a bit hard to get a hold of now. To be fair I just looked on ebay the other day and thought I would have a go at getting it aslong as it didn't go above £35.
  11. Good good! Subaru jacket but still no Subaru....
  12. The guy said it has FSSH although had been tracked...thought id take a punt
  13. Standard just now...better hide the credit card though as it will be hard to keep it standard
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