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    Any Idea What These Are?

    The pink bit should go under the door card at the top next to the window. It supports the door card. There should be two under each door card spaced apart.
  2. sti_steve

    In Order Of Look's

    Well I owned a blob and I said a classic is the best looking but that might be because i'm looking for one
  3. SVA is pretty over priced is it not?
  4. sti_steve

    In Order Of Look's

    *logs off for 2 weeks* By the way Frank, I've not spoken to Gordy about this weekend as I'm busy on Saturday and Sunday. I will let you know (and Gordy) when I'm thinking of going down.
  5. sti_steve

    In Order Of Look's

    *Bows his head in shame*
  6. sti_steve

    In Order Of Look's

    1. Classic (Type R, P1, 22b - If 4dr then I prefer Blob) 2. Blobeye 3. Hawkeye 4. Hatch 5. Bugeye
  7. I'm sure theres a decent type r on PH in Kent. You had a look at any or just looked on the net?
  8. sti_steve

    Buying Help & Advice!

    Must Take Ages Typing With A Capital Letter At The Start Of Each Word Mate - Yip It Does - Good Luck In Finding One!
  9. sti_steve

    Buying Help & Advice!

    Good advice. I've been on the hunt sine December
  10. You can't leave it like that, Barry! I want to know how the mapping went. I suppose I will just need to wait until tonight
  11. sti_steve

    Subaru Options? Help Pls

    RB 320 are likely to hold thier value as obviously its a special edition. If you can stretch to that then it may be the way to go. If you are looking to modify then I wouldn't go for the GB270 or RB320 as its better to keep them as much as standard as possible within limits. All round package would be the 05-07 STi IMO as the money you save from the 320 can be put into modding or the servicing costs you mention. That's just my input and i'm sure there will be more shortley
  12. Anymore progress, Barry? Worth a bump for a good read anyway...
  13. sti_steve

    Goodbye My99 Turbo, Hello P1!

    Lovely looking car mate, enjoy it!
  14. sti_steve

    Snow Trouble?

    People buy a tyre thats going to make the tyre legal, safe and last them a year or 12,000 miles. I doubt people are thinking of buying a winter tyre at all.
  15. sti_steve

    Curious More Than Anything...

    Thanks for the reply mate. There was another member on Scottish Scoobs that went to view and test drive the car and he said there was a rattle that was coming from the back and that it could be the diff so he refused the deal. Also there was an issue with the dealer being funny with the deposit paid. No new information here...all is available in cruz's link. Cracking car if it didnt have this fault. May be worth a ring to see whats happening with the car as its been advertised for a while!