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  1. Oh and here is the latest buy
  2. got a full set of powerflex my thinking is that they have been on the go for YEARS and are still going strong so must be good products if you want to go nuts they also do a motorsports range, going whiteline for roll kit and links, eibach for ARB's, and prob BC's for coilovers yep its off the 2.5 STi hatch, did a bit of reading up and it shouldn't be that bad, also talked to a few people that have them fitted on the 2.0 and they say its fine
  3. just ordered a full set of poly bushes as well dave, just thinking on what to get fro the rest of the suspension set up
  4. not made up my mind on that one m8
  5. nice m8, now time to cut the rest and make a rear diffuser
  6. looking for around 380-390 bhp to start off with as the DCCD box might go pop with much more than that, i have a mint 2.0l CDB tucked away for the next stage of power body wise i plan to cut the back end out and go flat floor, arch extensions. inside will be stripped of excess weight and buckets added full cage (non dash dodge) basically a track car with MOT & TAX, i plan to do track days,sprints & hill climbs with it well as much as i can anyway
  7. nice progress baz, that was a lucky catch with the belt could have been expensive
  8. anyway thats where i am just now, as as some of you know me, you know how far i will take the project
  9. finished stripping off the plastics today, was a but nervous about what would be under the side skirts after 15 years, but i had noting to worry about, onto the air conditioning tomorrow and my new VF48 from Grant
  10. been scoobless for a while now as some of you will know, got a type R after holding off for a good one, anyway here it is, (copy & paste) its time for another project (Project Rig-Pig Racing) thats the R down to me it has the following spec just now Car- 98 V4 impreza type R with 57k over half done when it was in kilometres, adjustable rear spoiler Interior- Standard Type R with the 4 optional extra Lamco gauges, Volt, Oil pressure, Oil temp, Boost Engine- newage block from version 8 STi with low mileage, V4 STi heads, turbo VF28, standard STi intercooler and air intake, full 3" de-cat exhaust Suspension/Brakes- Standard suspension, newage Brembo front brakes, 2 pot rear calipers Running Gear- Type R DCCD box and diff, newage STi wheels I also have a mass of parts i have been collecting for it over the last 6 months, Here she is as she stands just now please note the car has been off the road for 2 years and has just had a quick wash today well didnt get as much done as i wanted, wee lass had her jags and isnt well so didnt get the time, got the rear bumper and bumper mount off and cleaned up, also removed the spoiler got board after washing the mazda, so left the wee man playing with the snow foam and did the trial fit of the spoiler im fitting, the base mounts are drilled to the boot lid but the legs were just sitting in place and the end plates are still in the garage, if the weather is good tomorrow i will weld up the holes from the old spoiler
  11. Bosch S4 is the one you want i had one in the blob and it use to sit for 3 weeks while i was away and fired 1st turn every time even that bad winter 2 years ago
  12. welcome to the fold m8, sounds like a nice scoob
  13. just got a set of brembos fitted to the R and had to use bug/blob STi wheels and change the tyres from 205/45-17 to 205/40-17 so they didnt rub
  14. ye ye ye i dont think i have even seen you in a washed car well maybe once
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