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  1. anyone tell me the space size between each letter on the Subaru boot badge please
  2. yes3 pods on dash oil presure, oil temp ,and boost, the box is same as the picture just no idea how to use
  3. just got myself another scoobie and it has 3 pod clocks on dash and by my gear stick is another box say up, down, peak, record, any one know what its for or how to use it
  4. iv had 3 subarus in my time and both engines have failed when reaching 70/77 000 on the clock both was wrx full service with a remap on both, do I go off the car and get somethink else or chance it was looking at 2,5 this time
  5. best place to get rear drop link bushes 2003 scoobie thx
  6. my key fob keeps loosing its code Subaru say need new inside, so I have a new key fob with two button where mine is 1 button will this two button work if I try to recode it
  7. need to replace all bushes under neither car how many do I need etc
  8. hi can someone tell me I want to renew all my bushes on my 03 what will need thx
  9. called lichfields they want to rip it apart and start from the bottom lol
  10. this may help Subaru fitted it a garage called keith price inabergavenny they fitted intercooler hose sti ppp exhaust £425 wrx ppp ecu £817 total price £1,599,61 and a ppp pack
  11. anyone no where I can get my car tuned up its fitted with ppp re-map but I think it need re tune up I live in Birmingham
  12. will this oil be ok Total Quartz RACING 10W50 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil TOT-157104-Subaru
  13. last service 69,000 when had cam belt change now done 71.000
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