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    V4 sti "noise killer"
  1. I'm back

    Hello most wont know me but a few will well I've gone and done it brought myself a uk2000 and I'm happy for now bit tame compared to the "r" but it's a subaru will try and post pics when this blimming phone lets me down size pics, chris
  2. They do pee me off.... But when will they stop telling us how to do things...!!!!! If I'm paying insurance,tax,mot why can't I use any fricking, lane and do any speed in it.. When they fix the roads properly I'll agree with them till then...... They can kiss my little red apple.. Or letus filter through them like bikes can.. If there going slow we can under take. Will really anoy anyone in the middle lane Can of worms is open lol
  3. Black Hawk On A34

    Sorry was blob eye.... Bakerzone??
  4. Seen this car before somewhere.... Spotted cruising with m3 behind ya...
  5. Photoshop...

    That's an easy answer favourite colour is purple...!!!! But that's a no no lol Cheers for the Photoshop you've made my mind up... WHITE IT IS.......With pink gator(cheers for link stu.. ..) on outside...to accent the sti badges and grill... Oj89 cheers for making a old man happy
  6. Photoshop...

    Now I'm in the anthracite camp....."just a bit" Still got black splitter to fit... But white still gives me a smile... Oj89 I know what you mean...Had white wheels on car before and that was the first thing changed..!! But!!!! Am liking the green...a nice peppermint green Oh bugger now I'm changing my mind.
  7. Photoshop...

    See that's the shock factor.... Everyone will say "oh my god" not white with silver...!!! Just the look I'm after Maybe a pink wrap...!! TOTAL Shock factor.
  8. Photoshop...

    Oh ya will look like I've touched my feminine side.... And I don't think anyone would be silly enough to copy me so it's a defo...!!!
  9. Photoshop...

    This it I've decided........... White with the pink gator on it.... Not so much a shock factor but will look amazing..
  10. Photoshop...

    Aghhh like the red strips you had on yours..!! Good idea mate..
  11. Photoshop...

    Won't tell ya what misses just said..... Something along the lines of."you dare " Was thinking pink... Maybe white and cerise.... We're getting there..probably end up matt black
  12. Photoshop...

    I want a shock factor on this car... But I love white wheels.. And don't know if the oz will be staying... Was thinking a silver with a black between the spokes...
  13. Photoshop...

    Can you do them white,grey,and any other colour that might suit it.... Cheers chris
  14. Photoshop...

    Wish I had cash..!!! Build is taking it all at moment. Will be joining when cars on road. Everytime I think it's at an end I find a new direction Chris
  15. Photoshop...

    Can anyone Photoshop my wheels on my car to a diffrent colour..???? I want white but misses says gold and it will stop this argument.. Thanks chris