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  1. Think the RB320 was me... and it's ok I'm not offended lol
  2. you're wife wasn't driving through Larbert last week with a younger looking blone passenger by any chace?
  3. Flashed two RB320's recently and was either totally ignored or looked at like I was mad Shouldn't be allowed IMO
  4. I had a similar thing happen a few weeks back - and he was trying
  5. Was this up at Progrip the other day having the wheel alignment done? my dad was up and said he was talking to a bloke with a crazy looking hill climb classic about front mounted intercoolers! lol
  6. The pumps were still open at about 4pm yesterday when I was filling up the Landrover unless it was out and they just didn't bother bagging them Livingstone's Lizzie Bruce and the one at South Queensferry were both out yesterday
  7. Spotted a dark blue classic yesterday in town that I hadn't seen before It was fully stickered up in 555 colours with saltires on the roof and front bumper. It was turning into the Asda in Falkirk town centre and sure I spotted an SIDC sticker on the back window If you are on here, I was driving the big white Defender that flashed you in
  8. I've seen it parked at the Designer outlet in Livingstone a few times over the last 2 months
  9. neither do I, but p*ssing off Porsches is quite fun
  10. give me Diesel money and I'll shift it, my trailer is based in Callender anyway. Can't move it until after the 28th though unfortunately
  11. Luckily I must have been away in the RB the day they did my street, but my Defender is there. For some reason they blanked all the stickers on it and left the numberplate! Weird
  12. I pass there most mornings so I'll toot next time... although quite often in the Defender (big white Landrover with loads of lights!)
  13. don't leave the dog in the car.... simple
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