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  1. bugger I've got a bike race on the Sunday.... how long would it take to drive from Prodrive back to Edinburgh?
  2. Maxxed_Ross

    Turbo Timers?

    it's a bit of a false idea, as you still need to hang around so you can lock it once it stops I've got a Blitz DTT that is quite good and easy to use. It works out how long the car needs to cool down depending on how you drive it - and it has a boost gauge which is quite handy if you don't want a full on 52mm gauge Was simple enough to wire in too
  3. Maxxed_Ross

    All New Gymkhana Practice Video

    yeah it is a bit daft in places But above all else, it's supposed to be a p*ss take - and it pulls that off perfectly
  4. Maxxed_Ross

    Jap Show Pics

    some fantastic pics there mate... looked like a good day out. I've never seen that many Jordans together bofore! I'd deffo be away home with that white Evo 10 though!
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kh6HzUZuvPs
  6. Flippin offshore that weekend or I would have gone Sounds good too... boo!
  7. Maxxed_Ross

    How Many On Here Own Hatches ?

    for almost the same money that one in the middle wins every time
  8. Maxxed_Ross

    Fuel Econemy On A Modded Scoobie?

    I normally get about 220 miles to a tank from mixed driving, so not too bad Used 1/4 doing 20 miles of back roads once though!
  9. Maxxed_Ross

    Exhaust Interchangeability?

    I went to change just the back box from a Prodrive to a HKS and they were totally different lengths and the flanges were at different angles - so at a guess I would say no I don't know if fitting a different HKS box would work. I've got a Supperdragger and it's not much louder than the Prodrive box
  10. Maxxed_Ross

    Central Diff

    now that is a handy link!
  11. Maxxed_Ross

    Ken Block's New Sti

    you would think it would be cheaper just to buy a bare shell and start from scratch. Hardly anything original goes back in again!
  12. Maxxed_Ross

    Central Diff

    I've always been told to drive with it in auto because it can think faster than you can - apparently I found the best way to play about with settings was on roundabouts - especially in the damp. I find my 320 corners far better in the wet with the diff in the mid orange settings than it does in auto. The closer you get it to being locked the better I find it is to get the back end out a bit if you feel like showing off, but it is still very controllable The power will never be shifted so much to the rear that it will cause problems... well at least I don't think t can - I'm only a little bit further up that learning curve than you are!
  13. ah I know it very well too. My mate bought it off Stevie Ho after he built it. It's had a bit of a soap opera life since birth that one While my mate had it he too found the limits of the brakes after thrashing an Evo 5. It was all going well until we entered the Lathallan roundabout backwards Soon as the drama that was getting it fixed was over he sold it Was a stunning car though. I very almost bought it off him but someone else got there first
  14. it's not a black coupe by any chace is it?
  15. I'm not allowed on the track