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  1. Thanks for the feedback everyone - an RB5 is certainly an option, as is a generic silver Impreza. Something i can run, nice and clean, no stickers and no badges. The GT-R has been confirmed as a UK model and has a verified VIN as well as modifications made only to UK cars. It is also a £35-50k project and thus, wont be rushed. The S2000 holds sentimental value and is first for parts - it's also a brilliant platform and I sincerely enjoy driving it in its own right.
  2. HI SIDC, I've been signed up for some time but thought i'd put some time into the forum, learn the essentials and find out about Imprezas. I've been considering an Impreza as a good daily for some time, so figured a bit of research would help. I tend to now collect cars, so whatever I buy will remain with me and as such, try to buy once, buy right. I've been building an S2000 for the past 4 years & have owned S2000s for 8 years. Here's a brief pic. Another dream of mine was to own a Skyline, so my engagement present from my wife was a very rusty R33 GT-R, one of 100 officially imported and sold by Nissan UK. It's a full restoration and needs a ground-up build (read about 50 grand). Which brings me to the Subarus. I need to look at buying an Impreza in the next year and probably a black classic. I prefer to own my cars outright and a black, 4 door with A/C, ABS and a tired platform upon which to build is possibly just the ticket. 4 wheel drive would give me all weather ability and enough boot space for work commitments. Far more exciting than an Audi and taps into my love of Japanese performance cars. Apparently the Catalunya is the only classic in black officially sold in the UK (I only run cars originally sold in the UK). Perfect for crunching motorway miles whilst keeping me mobile all year around. Great base for a tastefully modified daily too. Add on a crystal front end /P1 bumper & some BBS LM's and it'll be a strong start. My budget for the car will be 1-2k. Comments and suggestions always welcome - Hi SIDC! C-J
  3. Just wanted to say hi to the man driving a beautiful sounding nice & clean impreza. I adore that prodrive spoiler!!
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