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    Has anybody got one of these

    The towing dolly doesn't give you braking capability so whatever you are towing is classed as an unbraked trailer and therefore much lower allowance. Have a read here - http://www.ttas.co.uk/towsafe.cartransport.html Steve
  2. Sorted, kind of. The excellent guys at Camskill carried out a number of checks today against the chassis number and confirmed that the struts do not fit the WRX, contrary to the KYB listings, but now confirmed by KYB. Seems the only ones available are from Subaru at twice the price. Thanks for your help, Steve
  3. Thanks for that as I had read that the front bolts could be moved to the back but for them to work one of the holes in the strut would need to be large enough to take the cam lobe rotation diameter but they don't fit in any of the holes on the ones supplied. Ta, Steve
  4. Hi all, Looking for some help with the new suspension package I have just bought for my '04 WRX wagon as something, maybe me, is not right with what I have. I have a set of KYB Excel-G for front and back which just arrived today and a set of bottom bolts which although bought from e-bay are in Subaru bags and the part numbers tie in with the numbers taked from the Opposed Forces website so all should be well. Where it falls apart is the strut lower mounting holes which are all 14mm so the adjustment bolts do not fit in the holes only the parallel, lower, bolts fit. I am aware that there are smaller adjustment bolts available but I would have thought that OEM pattern struts would have been capable of taking OEM bolts. I will admit that this is the first time I have had to deal with camber bolts and hence the doubt in my mind over the OEM aspect. On the Subaru bolts I have the cam starts about half way along and runs right up to the bolt head unlike the aftermarket ones which have a cut out for the strut body before the head. Any help appreciated as I need to get this sorted fairly quickly and would prefer to keep the bolts standard if possible. One more point, can the Subaru adjusters be used in rear struts as there seems to be some conflicting advice on this? Thanks in advance, Steve
  5. stevief

    Front Arb Bush Replacement

    Thanks, Doesn't look like there is a lot of room between the bracket and subframe to get the bracket ot of the way hence the query. I'll probably give it a go at the weekend when I've got more time, just in case. Thanks again, Steve
  6. Afternoon all, Can anyone advise if the front roll bar bushes can be replaced with everything in place or does the subframe have to be dropped to get enough clearance? May have been covered previously so appologies if it has. Thanks, Steve
  7. stevief

    Speaker Adapter Info Required

    Thanks for the info guys. Picked up a set of corsa spacers tonight but will try the subaru ones again now that I've calmed down a bit. Also picked up some Alpine 130mm speakers with flush tweeters so they should be a better fit. Daughter is now eying up the spacers and spare speakers for her Corsa so nothing will be wasted . Thanks again, Steve
  8. stevief

    Speaker Adapter Info Required

    Thanks for that. One question though, is it any particular year of corsa? I have fitted lots of speakers over the years but have never had as much trouble as I have this weekend. The spacers supplied were for a Subaru but the mounting flange is to big and the holes are out of pitch plus they are 20mm thick so I doubt I would even get them and speakers behind the trim panel. Pulled the back trims off and fitted a set of co-axial speakers usin a similar method as you did for the fronts, one original hole and two new ones. All worked okay until the trim panels went back on, there is not enough room behind the panel for the tweeters which stand proud of the speaker. Plenty of room for the magnet though so no spacers required. Cannot believe what I took out though, must be the worst speakers available. Now hunting for two way peakers with flush tweeters for front and back and will try and get a Corsa adapter tomorrow. Thanks again, Steve
  9. Hi, I've just stipped out the front door trim on my 2004 wagon to install new speakers with Autoleads SAK-2820 adapters but the adapter is not even close to the original speaker size or hole pitch. Is it just me or is the adapter wrong? Thanks, Steve