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  1. Anyone on here then?
  2. Colin Mcrae,15th September 2007 Rip

    For me Grist's comment at the end of this video sums the man up A true legend, i can remember hearing the news on the radio driving back up from the boarders in the car. So much respect from every corner of the world for him, truely deserved too.
  3. ~ The Random Photo Thread ~

    Would i be right in saying i saw this going towards greenock on the A8 on Wednesday about quarter past one? Travelling in the same direction but in an 1.8 auto nissan almera it was a little hard to pick up pace to get a proper look. Did manage to catch up at the tesco roundabout though.
  4. Points On License.............not

    It could just be an error from the court, the DVLA may still have a record of the points. If the DVLA have recorded the points then you still have points, they just arent printed on your licence.
  5. Frustrated Scooby Owner!

    Here is what your looking for from what i can understand. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SUBARU-IMPREZA-TURBO...=item3cac566099 From what i remember the classic downpipe is a single pipe with cat (as shown) and the new age is two pipes with cats that can be removed individually as shown here: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Subaru-Impreza-wrx-E...=item3cad02c0a9 You want the one in the first link if its a 1993 wrx
  6. Reverse Lights!

    Reverse lights are NOT an MOT requirement http://www.motester.co.uk/CarOwnersGuideto...atIsTested.aspx
  7. Old Insurance Company Demanding Money?

    Talk talk tried to do this to me. They explained they would send me a final bill when i stoped my landline contract with them and that i could stop the direct debit, they never did. First thing i got was a letter stating i owed them £18 something, £5 something as my final bill and £13 because they couldnt get the money as i had cancelled my direct debit. I explained i wasnt paying them anything till i received my final bill, i would then give them the £5 something. This went on for months with them sending out letters left right and centre, but never a bill for £5 something even though they said they had, and i checked with my old address, they had not recieved anything. Got the letters from debt collectors saying they would take me to court. I personnely just ignored them and called talk talk each time, got to the stage where i told them i was going to seek legal advice on them harrassing me. Surprise surprise i got a phone call back from a customer service manager and in 2 days a bill for £5 what ever. If you are in the right dont let them have any more money than they are due, this sort of thing from company's winds me up, as you can probably tell!
  8. Block V Pastrana

    You can just go on the nitro circus website and watch them. Click the MTV video tab at the top and you get season one and two of total carnage. Awsome!
  9. Black Sti, Nevis Range Car Park

    Nope, car there most of the day and had silver wheels.
  10. Black Sti, Nevis Range Car Park

    I was up there riding my dh bike, first day of the season and the lack of fitness is showing, im super stiff today! Didnt have my car up (green sport wagon) but we were in the row of cars that had the mica green turbo 2000 with us. I saw 2 evo's a yellow one and a black one, were you one of them?
  11. A very nice looking black sti with a SIDC tax disc holder sat in the car park all day just across from the gondala station. Who was it then?
  12. My 1st subaru...stolen! Got another mica green one now but no pics. Cant justify the insurance to come play with the turbo boys yet.
  13. Jap Breakers Yard In Glasgow

    There is a jap breakers in Govan down by Ibrox. Jap auto parts 01414402900
  14. My Car's Been Stolen!

    Stolen from the east end. The most annoying thing is any other normal Monday and i would have been at work WITH the car. Took the day off as was down south and didnt get home till 2am so went and had lunch with my dad and a mate. Took my dads car instead of mine as i was pretty tired. I HATE THEIVING SCUM!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. My Car's Been Stolen!

    Theres not a chance ill get a good pay out from insurance company. I've only had it back a couple of weeks as well from having a couple of new panels and a re-spray!