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  1. Sidc At The Jim Clark

    Here's a link for maps of the Duns road closures and the stages over the 3 days. http://www.jimclarkrally.com/index.php?opt...&Itemid=102 Dave
  2. Sidc At The Jim Clark

    I'll put my name down for the friday. Might make it on the saturday but not sure yet. Friday Night 6 -10pm Cruz104 Midnight 21 Kaylz555 Lumsden 26 scooby222 GJLATZ Frank C ? Gordyq StrikE Gordon ? Connor Scotland ? burgy_51? Kebab Nemesis bigdave_allan Saturday 12 - 7pm ish! Cruz104 Kaylz555 Gordon StrikE imy Connor Scotland ? scooby222? GJLATZ