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  1. To Change Or Not To Change

    If the gearbox is exactly the same (ratio) as the original one fitted then no need to change diff.
  2. Highland Fling 2014

    1. Scooby222 - Booked 2. STI and - Booked 3 PhilMC & 1 4 DaveyL WRX and the wench - Booked 5. Wayne & Audrey Telford 6. Badbaz - Booked 7. StrikE - Booked 8. Wrx Kenny +1 - Booked 9. ScottSti +1 - Booked 10. Don - Booked 11. ianambrown - Booked (DaveyL has twisted my arm!) 12.Corsa in the 401 ;-) 12b. Lewis in a rental car...
  3. Moray & Aberdeenshire Plans For 2014

    I meant to track/infield/barriers
  4. Injectors

    I'm pretty sure they're 380cc greys as standard.
  5. Oj's Thread Of Newbie Questions

    1. Headers are bolted to the heads - you could argure this is the 'long' block but I would disagree Chances are the headers and crossover and collector will fit but the uppipe I imagine (dont know for sure) is different, since there is no turbo. 2. Your gains from doing this will be absolutely minimal. I personally would put the saved money to other things.
  6. Fresh Blood From Scotland

  7. New Member

  8. Moray & Aberdeenshire Plans For 2014

    Sure. We'll just bimble around... Best to check costs for repairs before agreeing to take cars out. I know a few of the AS lot would be keen on this.
  9. Most Unique Sounding Motor?

    Agree with all above and it's also the reason I went Subaru. You don't need to be going quickly to enjoy it. I do like a big V8. The 6.2 Mercedes lump in the C63 is amazing. I also love the sound of the supercharged VXR8 Bathurst edition. The other distinct note I can think off is that of a certain inline 5 cylinder lump. Be it Audi Quattro rally car, any of the Dahlback cars, Volvo T5 or Focus RS. They all sound great!
  10. Moray & Aberdeenshire Plans For 2014

    Count me in for some of that action!
  11. New Years Resolutions

    Save for a 20g, Simtek/Alcatek and fuel lines for Meth...
  12. Come On Shanksy..... Highland Fling Clues?

    I've heard he's anyone's man...
  13. Hi All

  14. Do I Have A Bad Seal?

    There's every chance you have nipped the seal on the tank cover. For all the trouble it is, get a gasket and replace the old one.