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  1. New To The Scooby Scene And Need Help Already

    That'd be me. Private message sent. (**** you swearfilter!)
  2. Aberdeen meet Tuesday 22nd March 7pm

    I may make an appearance. Due to go offshore that day but job's been slipped a few times already...
  3. Aberdeen meet Tuesday 18th Jan 7pm

    1. Supremeweb 2. Feckdeamon - if home.
  4. maddoggsx

    Thanks but that's the one I have already, hoping there's someone that knows him personally here.
  5. maddoggsx

    Does anyone know him or have any way of contacting him? Trying to arrange collection of a gearbox and the mobile I have for him has been going to answering machine for a couple of days now.
  6. Aberdeen meet

    Leave my blue umbrella alone you chunt! Aye I thought Gumball was some dude coming to complain about the noisy cars sitting idling...
  7. New Turbo Setup Proven

    Car came with tubulars fitted and no originals. Didn't make much sense to spend the money changing them out for a small gain in top end - I prefer a meatier torque curve even though the (second) gearbox hates me for it!! Forge DV with blue spring, STI8 intercooler is damn close to the coilpack. Not keen on spending money on a forge recirc when I'm not sure if it'll fit or not :/
  8. New Turbo Setup Proven

    Yep. I didn't have time to port the wastegate on the one thats fitted hence buying a replacement to do in my own time. Just going to port the wastegate and clean up any casting flash that's left, nothing major, unless you've any better ideas?
  9. New Turbo Setup Proven

    The one that's fitted just now creeps like a bitch above about 5.5-6k rpm. One that's sitting in my garage will be getting fettled before I fit it.
  10. New Turbo Setup Proven

    Funny that, I've a spare VF35 here... I'm interested in how you're managing this also, no wee hints for us? I'm currently at 340bhp/330lbft (Andy.F roaddyno) running: VF35 AVCR Tubular headers (slip jointed, unsure of origin) Bellmouth d/p 3" Nur Spec R Top feed 550s w/ Carl Davey rails & adapters 2003 STi8 topmount Grade 7B NGKs Walbro fuel pump Fuelabs Mini FPR K&N cone filter, std turbo inlet pipe.
  11. Aberdeen Meet

    EE says everyone got out of that crash unhurt - pretty lucky going by the nick of the car!
  12. Aberdeen Meet

    You'll need to push us harder next time, I was no-where near the limit Some nice scenic 'detours' oh and you missed myself and supreme having a wee bit of a close call on the way home...
  13. Black Hawkeye

    Silver T plate classic, you?
  14. Injector Seals

    http://carldavey.co.uk/ Top feed or side feed injectors? Just noticed it's a 97 - standard injectors are side feed, newage topfeed lower seal's won't work but if they're topfeeds designed for a classic they might.
  15. Black Hawkeye

    Spotted it too - do you work nearby? I'm in one of the units behind SKF.