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  1. What is the cat test? I thought it was just an emissions test in the Mot.
  2. Eh? They are going to remove the engine (and head gasket?) to look for a wire. WTF
  3. Could be Andrew Grover in his Quest?
  4. They are the wrong pads, they should look like this I think the Mintex part no is MDB1999 More details here (uprated pads shown but the shape/sizes are the same)
  5. The championship entry is now closed, but you could still enter individual events Bob. Check your cars eligibility with the championship scrutineer Rob Mckinna if you are worried.
  6. Archie is in A3 on the championship entry list.
  7. Questions & Answers around 2010 Tour of Mull
  8. Ok, maybe I should have said, don't look so bad when dirty.
  9. What about Black? Easier to keep looking clean too.
  10. Dodgy fuel pump would be my guess too.
  11. As already stated you do not need to enter the championship, you can enter individual events if you want. I posted the link for the championship website because it is a good source of information. Including this page How to start Hillclimbing and Sprinting
  12. A3 does not need to be an expensive class, you can enter a standard Impreza (as a couple of members on here have done) it is winning that is expensive.
  13. Scottish Sprint and Hillclimb Championship Website (the link that Phil put up just takes you to the Scottish Sporting Car Club website page) Scottish Hillclimb and Sprint Forum (good place to ask questions) The DJ Firestorm of Wallace Menzies shown above is the top end of the sport, it is possible to compete in virtually any car. It is not cheap, but it does not need to be massively expensive.
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