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  1. Forrestburn Hillclimb 28th+29th August

    I had a few handling "issues" so my times weren't great, but I'm reasonably happy with the new car considering I put it together in a bit of a rush. It looked like you had a close battle in your class.
  2. Forrestburn Hillclimb 28th+29th August

    Ok, next weekend, or if you read this on Monday, this weekend coming
  3. Rounds 10+11 of the Guyson Scottish Hillclimb Championship are at Forrestburn this weekend. Entry List
  4. Another Year :)

    What is the cat test? I thought it was just an emissions test in the Mot.
  5. Doune Hillclimb 19/20th June

    No bother, Mark. Its not that dangerous, I didn't have a scratch on me, the car however...............
  6. Doune Hillclimb 19/20th June

    Results are here, Jac
  7. Doune Hillclimb 19/20th June

    Archie will be pleased See you tomorrow, Don John
  8. Doune Hillclimb 19/20th June

    A round of the Guyson Scottish Hillclimb Championship is at Doune (near Stirling) this weekend. Also includes two rounds of the British Hillclimb Championship. Provisional entry list.
  9. Track Day Tester & Meet - 29th May 2010

    If you have timing gear it goes from being a track/fun day to being a competitive event, and that would be a whole different ball game. Timing is not allowed at track days (including Knockhill).
  10. Am I Being Taken For A Mug?!

    Eh? They are going to remove the engine (and head gasket?) to look for a wire. WTF
  11. Fintray Hillclimb 8th +9th May

    No bother, shame there are no Scoobys, but Donald is entered in his mental Evo for fans of big power turbo (and supercharged ) cars.
  12. Fintray Hillclimb 8th +9th May

    Entry list here.
  13. Ingliston Sprints

    They are not on the entry list
  14. ~ The Random Photo Thread ~

    Could be Andrew Grover in his Quest?
  15. ~ The Random Photo Thread ~

    Do you know who/what cars?