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  1. Its not rally GB, its Rally around a couple of forests in Wales. Rally GB was when it covered all GB & spectating involved a 1500 mile marathon. Those were the days
  2. Right Filling in the Survey now & what's more our local MP is the minister for the natural Natural Environment and Fisheries, what's more he happens to know us as well so email off to him as well. This Govt... needs to get away from sitting on the green bandwagon like the last shower, Global Warming is part of the natural cycle of thing's & we ain't gonna do a jot to stop it. Killing off Forest rallying is going to impact on Thousands of jobs in the motorsport industry, let alone all the money that rallies generate for local busineses when they happen as well as getting thousands of p
  3. If I were you first stop would be a change of Coolant with a flush, it can get pretty manky when old (I know mine did) Then maybe get a garage to do a sniff test to check for combustion gasses in the coolant afterwards. What's the underside of the oil cap like ?
  4. Comment on the BBC site was they need to save money - Well I'm no economist but getting rid of some of the high earners within the organisation will save far more than chopping a popular sport & will ensure high viewer levels. I can just see it now SKY will get the most popular races & those with the most interest ie Season Start & Season Finishers, meaning that in order to keep up to date the fan has to shell out the cash. BBC need to look at their viewer figures & cut some of the C4ap that they currently show to fringe viewers eg... BBC4 - Can't remember ever seeing anything
  5. Jeez, what an eye opener Surgical instruments made in slum workshops & then sold as top quality goods made in UK using german steel. Instruments with burrs, pit's to harbour germs etc.... What is the UK coming to. If I go in for an op think I'll stick the old kitchen devils through the dishwasher on a hot wash & take them in for the docs to use.
  6. Hope they catch the scum who did this to you & give them a punishment that fits the crime. The countries getting worse by the day & can't see anything improving. Glad nobody was in to confront them, at least you're all OK Andy
  7. What's next ? Trouble is the tamper proof plates are all very well but its the poor law abiding motorist gets hit with the bill for replacing them each time a scroat tries nicking them.
  8. As everyone else has said get the hoover out & also make sure that you're not blocking any vents.
  9. Big Pond required Mum & Dad's was at least 3 1/2 ft deep & held c2500Gallons, mind you the largest Koi were about 2ft long. You will need a good filter, Pump & UV to keep the water clean & clear, we were advised to get a filter & pump that would cope with a pond up to 4000 gallons & it kept the water crystal clear. The largest Koi pond I've ever seen (Is in fact local to here) is about 3m Deep 10m long & 3m Wide, the chap had an issue with his filter system last year so we did a dive in it for him, it was crystal clear & held about 100 fish up to about 3ft long
  10. Mmm Nice Looks like a nice project for me if I can source a spare set of wheels to put onto mine whilst work in progress.
  11. I was advised a small wipe of sealent all around the gasket prior to refitting, just a wipe though. Here's the guide I was pointed at on how to do it Replace Rocker Gaskets Will be attempting mine in the next couple of weeks as both of mine are leaking but not massivly
  12. Agree totally on the potholes front, Here in West Berks their no longer potholes in a lot of places but craters. Think its all a govt scheme in fact to get us all into 4x4's so that they rip us off even more with the road tax & Fuel duty. Mmm Road tax, wasn't that bought in all those many years ago to help maintain & fund roads maint. & development Ooo sory must be mistaken I've given up reporting potholes as nothing ever gets done
  13. V power or Tescos 99 for me, also gives me an extra 50odd miles to the tank over 97 Octane blends & about 80Miles over 95 octane. 99MY UK Classic
  14. However this years stats will show that very few people died on the roads down to the high price of petrol meaning people are reduced to horse & cart.
  15. Price of Fuel is crazy now & from what I can see is only going to get worse. Scoob is now only a weekend car (although off the road at the mo) but at this rate I may have to consider selling. Luckily new job is an easy train commute to work which is only £100 a month, but i wonder how soon it'll be until the train companies hike there prices due to the rise in prices. When's it gonna stop ?
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