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  1. A cheap private plate and address change to a trusted m8 and just dont leave it in the same visable place to often,lock change is good but they might just lift it so best with a tracker if it's a few quid's worth you paid for it,personaly i would sell it and get something else.
  2. Graham guess what there's an urban grey roof vent kit in my workshop surplus would look good on your car it's up for grabs just give me a shout if your interested (wink wink).
  3. Still waiting on the vent paul graham's has still not arrived but don't worry the dremmels and airsaw are at the ready lol let you know the moment it gets here,thank's for your paticence.
  4. I never checked my emails today as its normally every couple of days i do that but no probs.
  5. Paul just an update on the roof vents for yourself and graham i have been on the phone every few days and they have assured me the moment they arrive it will be on the ten o'clock news lol,but it should be anyday now and i will be in touch thanks for your paticence.
  6. Thanks recieved £55 quid for the carpet and i will post it on monday by parcelforce,regards pete edinburgh.

  7. Sorry to hear about the car m8 i painted the front of her when she was at steve,s just before christmas it was a stunner and there will never be another,at least you both are okay thats the most important thing,regards pete.
  8. Your lotus sounded as good as it looked cheers m8.
  9. Prestige car bodies in portseton whin park ind/est just 2mins from A.FOREST.
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