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  1. Oh the good old Pro R exhaust ..... 🙄
  2. After April we will be linked to the famous Subaru livery ...... it will cost a cool £555 to keep them legal .....absolute disgrace ....the road conditions are shocking....the government are too busy trying to hold on to their gravy train to care about us .... they think the car is a privilege to us and not a necessity so we got no chance.....😡
  3. That's what our 'Final Edition ' should have been ..... 🙄
  4. Hit the 50 mark today ...... I'm sure the years go quicker the older you get ?
  5. sniffmydiff

    Rally Day 2017

    Tickets/pass arrived ? . Thanks Are we in same area as last year ?
  6. sniffmydiff

    Rally Day 2017

    Tickets ordered and paid x 2 ☺
  7. sniffmydiff

    JDM Combe

    Pass has arrived thanks
  8. sniffmydiff

    JDM Combe

    Ticket purchased ☺ cheers Floz
  9. sniffmydiff

    JDM Combe

    Is this £15 for the car including passengers as shown on jdm site ?
  10. sniffmydiff

    Rally Day

    Yes Floz , a big thank you to yourself and Don and whoever else helped you in organising the events .We enjoyed rallyday , it was a good event and the weather was kind to us again . Already looking forward to next year .Some nice cars on our stand too .
  11. sniffmydiff

    Rally Day

    Ok Floz no problem, i'm sure we'll think of something .
  12. sniffmydiff

    Rally Day

    Any particular supplies required for the buffet ? ? Let us know and we can chip in with some tasties ☺
  13. sniffmydiff

    Rally Day

    Garan is coming along too . He'll be in with me . Passes arrived ? . His C2 will be having a rest . I did hear there were some 'plans ' in store for it ?
  14. sniffmydiff

    Rally Day

    Tickets and pass arrived . Many thanks ?
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