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  1. sniffmydiff

    WRX STI "S209"

    That does look nice .... 😎
  2. sniffmydiff

    Subaru teases ultimate WRX STI

    That's what our 'Final Edition ' should have been ..... 🙄
  3. sniffmydiff

    Rally Day 2017

    Tickets/pass arrived ? . Thanks Are we in same area as last year ?
  4. sniffmydiff

    Rally Day 2017

    Tickets ordered and paid x 2 ☺
  5. sniffmydiff

    JDM Combe

    Pass has arrived thanks
  6. sniffmydiff

    JDM Combe

    Ticket purchased ☺ cheers Floz
  7. sniffmydiff

    JDM Combe

    Is this £15 for the car including passengers as shown on jdm site ?
  8. sniffmydiff

    Rally Day

    Yes Floz , a big thank you to yourself and Don and whoever else helped you in organising the events .We enjoyed rallyday , it was a good event and the weather was kind to us again . Already looking forward to next year .Some nice cars on our stand too .
  9. sniffmydiff

    Rally Day

    Ok Floz no problem, i'm sure we'll think of something .
  10. sniffmydiff

    Rally Day

    Any particular supplies required for the buffet ? ? Let us know and we can chip in with some tasties ☺
  11. sniffmydiff

    Rally Day

    Garan is coming along too . He'll be in with me . Passes arrived ? . His C2 will be having a rest . I did hear there were some 'plans ' in store for it ?
  12. sniffmydiff

    Rally Day

    Tickets and pass arrived . Many thanks ?
  13. sniffmydiff

    Rally Day

    My son Garan went to forge action day today and he said he was parked down along there and it wasn't too bad . The track viewing was good , just a bit of a trek back to the paddock and the other clubs . Looks like 26 clubs down there with us so we wont be alone ?. looking forward to it .
  14. sniffmydiff

    Rally Day

    That doesn't look good . I didn't think any clubs were put down that area . I suppose there wont be much of the general public to bother us ?
  15. sniffmydiff

    Rally Day

    Any ideas if we have a good parking spot ? We were lucky last year and had a good area .