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  1. Rally Day - 22nd September 2018

    I'll be there Floz, best show of the year
  2. 50 😕

    Hit the 50 mark today ...... I'm sure the years go quicker the older you get 😂
  3. Happy Christmas

    Nadolig Llawen I pawb
  4. last minute decision to go ,I've just bought a ticket , something a bit different to rallyday. never been to this show before, more of a rally fan ,be good to see a variety of cars
  5. Attracting New/renewing Forum Members

    I've just re joined , forgot to renew earlier in the year , book tickets for the annual rallyday outing next on the agenda .
  6. Rally Day, Castle Combe Pictures

    Tony i think i've got a couple more pics of you on track , i think on the first lap you got held up by a very 'smoky' vauxhall a nova i think it was , your car was looking good
  7. Rally Day, Castle Combe Pictures

    [a ttachment=6024:rallyday___09_052.jpg][atta chment=6025:rallyday___09_053.jpg][attachm ent=6027:rallyday___09_057.jpg]
  8. Rallyday 2009

    hi,are the tickets for this event still available to buy from the shop ? would they get to me in time ? regarding the ticket and stand pass,does this mean you can park 'infield' with club members or are you still in with the door dingers ? thanks in advance.
  9. Mcrae Cheque Update ?

    hi does anybody have any new information regarding the cheque presentation in chester.is it still on and what is planned for the day.the website has been quiet.thanks in advance.
  10. High Cost Of Brake Replacement

    hi you can definitely get the struts done under warranty,i've got an '06 sti and had both rears done under warranty just before the 3yrs were up,my n/s/r strut has been changed twice !!
  11. White Wheels On A Blue Sti Hawkeye ?

    thanks for the replies,tony the car looks good,it's got me really thinking now lol,decisions decisions !!!
  12. i'd like some opinions please ,ive been thinking of replacing the original 17" wheels with some white 18 " on my sti hawkeye,has anybody done this or seen some nice examples,thanks
  13. Extended Warranty ? Dilemma !

    hi JT ,regarding the rear suspension i had a knocking sound which was more noticeable on low speeds on uneven roads,apparently its the top of the strut moving back and forth,side to side,i had both replaced 3 months ago under warranty,i had an end of warranty inspection today and have been told my o/s rear strut needs replacing again !!,it's going back in next week,im still unsure about taking out the extended warranty,the rest of the car seems ok,hope this helps
  14. Extended Warranty ? Dilemma !

    thanks for the replies,the only work i've had done under warranty is the rear suspension legs,they had the usual knocking and were replaced back in the summer.the only issue i've got with the car at the moment is a rattle/knocking on initial start up,it isn't always there but sounds awful,iv'e read some other comments on this issue on the forums but im not really sure what the noise is,anyway the car is going to have an end of warranty inspection on friday along with an mot,im also looking to change the wonderfull headunit at some point soon,thats another dilemma lol,thanks again
  15. hi and a happy new year to you all . ive got an hawkeye sti with the 3yr warranty expiring next week,i've recieved the offer to extend the cover for an additional year or two from subaru ,but im not sure what to do,at the moment the car is standard except for a prodrive back box and a strut brace,ive been considering modifying the car to get some more power,the powerstation route appeals or any other suggestions would be good,so do i go for peace of mind for another year or go for the power ?,the car has covered 40k and it's £396 for the years extra cover,many thanks