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  1. Lol @ Decals... Can't beat a bit of SWRT War-Paint!!!!
  2. With the greatest respect, was that not rather the point with Scottish Taffy's car...? Kinda fits in with his car's theme... or at least that's the impression I got from him on the Highland Fling. Good bloke - go for it mate!
  3. Cheers Eddie. Always happy to see SIDC/ SS.Net cooperation... life's too short!
  4. Oi!!! When did you get a hatch? Good choice sir! Cold air intake and remap defo the way to go. AEM good, likewise Forge/ Litchfield. Gives you a subtle BoV sound without the fuelling problems!!! (CAI still needs a remap though) If you're at the Tayside meet on Thurs you can get a shufty at mine.
  5. Oi! You ain't in "our" club, so beat it! Looks good Gordon! Exhaust next...
  6. You want an STI, sir....No, REALLY!!!!
  7. The car looked awesome enough front the outside!!! That's SCARY fast though! Anyone else else wanna chip in so Scot doesn't need to stick his gauges down wi' gaffer tape? ...not that you'd have had time to be looking at 'em anyway!!!! AWESOME
  8. "Enduring"... love it!!! Legacies ROCK!
  9. Blimey! Wouldn't buying another one be quicker? But good to see yer gonna do things properly! Good man.
  10. If you're not upping the power, some decent pads and discs, tyres, brake lines and uprated brake fluid should be more than enough at stock power levels unless you're hitting the track or doing a LOT of heavy fast road braking. Remember WRX 4pots can lock the front wheels, so they're not short on power... only issues after that are feel (hence braided brake lines and uprated fluid) grip (hence tyres) and fade/ overheating (in which case DO go bigger). There's always the BLING factor with bigger brakes as well!
  11. Admiral worth a shout, especially if multicar is an option for you.
  12. Unless you have advice to the contrary, I beleive the 2008-on STI (and therefore presumably the WRX as well) uses 5W30 oil. And any engine can go pop if you push it hard enough... just a good excuse for a forged rebuild
  13. I suspect your bhp gains vs expense/ weight/ complexity will be minimal so as not to make it worthwhile... might make more of a restriction as well which may actually DROP your bhp.
  14. Blimey! Thought my mileage was high!!! There's hope for ol' Dies Irae yet!
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