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  1. 2015 Jim Clark Weekend Scottish Borders, Duns, 16 & 17 May Overview of event We are delighted to confirm that Club Lotus are planning a re-run of our very successful 2013 event over the weekend of 16th/17th May 2015 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Jim’s most successful racing year. In 1965 Jim notched up an incredible series of achievements driving for Team Lotus. During those 12 months Jim won the Tasman series in Australia/New Zealand in a Lotus-Climax 32B, the Indianapolis 500 in a Lotus-Ford 38 and his second F1 World Championship in a Lotus-Climax 33. Donations and Sponsorship
  2. okay folks thanks for the information. Regards John
  3. lol now i am more confused than when i started!
  4. Hi Folks Does anybody happen to know the code for the headlight bulbs ( dipped and main beam)on an 05 sti ? been told it was an H4 and that is not the right bulb, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks John
  5. Hi Gus a really great day, track was busy all day which was great to see, top job of putting this on so thanks again, next year for me now.
  6. Now to be fair folks there is a reason why Baz has not updated this for a while on his car, for the past 3 months he has been busy performing surgery on the interior of my 05 blob, the plan was in the making for about 18 months as Baz told me it would be the best thing i could ever do, 3 months on he was not kidding the transformation in the car is quite incredible, it is night and day to drive, the weight that has come out of the car has made a huge difference. I have posted below a slide show of the work that went on(hope it works), any questions you have please ask Baz as he did all the wor
  7. Good move team, a club is something that you join for an intended purpose and 20 quid to support something you enjoy is not a lot to pay, sidc is a great club with great advice, good events and good people, £20 is great value and shows that as a club we value what is provided.
  8. Well what a great day that was for SIDC today, I agree the standard of driving today was very good indeed despite the tricky conditions at times, it was great to see everyone again, big up to our book keeper Bad Baz for preparing the car for today, epic ride and even more fun on the spec 2 tyres lol Big thanks to all the committee members involved with the track day and AGM today. cheers John
  9. offftttt thats a flying machine, great figures.
  10. video link from You tube, an amazing piece of motor sport history.
  11. Hi All Just heard about this event today and thought it may interest some of you. Jim Clark 50th Anniversary Event Duns, The Scottish Borders 18 – 19 May 2013 This year sees the 50th anniversary of Jim Clark winning his first Formula One World Championship. To celebrate the event Club Lotus are organising a closed street event at Duns, Berwickshire, in the Scottish Borders. The event will consist of Classic Team Lotus bringing Jim’s two 1963 Lotus Formula One Championship winning Type 25 cars up to Duns. The cars will be on static display on Saturday (10:00 till 17:00) outside the Jim Clark R
  12. I have two top bits that i canny really split relating to sccooby ownership, the McRae Gathering and the trip back from Andy F after my remap Worst bit so far has been............will get back to you as i am struggling to think of one.
  13. Ask the Individual selling the car if he had the dreaded knock from the shocks or if they have been replaced! i had 3 sets replaced under warranty and then gave up and replaced them, the 05 wide tracks are great cars though
  14. Hi Jose I have a lightened wheel and not really noticed much of a difference yet but then again it has only been out once since it was fitted.
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