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  1. cruz104

    05 Wrx Sti Uk Headlight Bulbs

    okay folks thanks for the information. Regards John
  2. cruz104

    05 Wrx Sti Uk Headlight Bulbs

    lol now i am more confused than when i started!
  3. Hi Folks Does anybody happen to know the code for the headlight bulbs ( dipped and main beam)on an 05 sti ? been told it was an H4 and that is not the right bulb, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks John
  4. ta Kev, its all been worth thats for sure.
  5. Now to be fair folks there is a reason why Baz has not updated this for a while on his car, for the past 3 months he has been busy performing surgery on the interior of my 05 blob, the plan was in the making for about 18 months as Baz told me it would be the best thing i could ever do, 3 months on he was not kidding the transformation in the car is quite incredible, it is night and day to drive, the weight that has come out of the car has made a huge difference. I have posted below a slide show of the work that went on(hope it works), any questions you have please ask Baz as he did all the work, will chip in when i know the answer, if it involves kettles and doughnuts i am your man as that was my job! In summary all i can say is a huge huge public show of gratitude and thanks to Baz for taking this on, his knowledge, advice and attention to detail was staggering, he knows his subaru's that is for sure. The project was great fun and if it was not for SIDC and Barry I would never have had the confidence to go through with such a project, projects such as are what makes this club very special. http://s1297.photobucket.com/user/555mcbay/slideshow/ John
  6. Ask the Individual selling the car if he had the dreaded knock from the shocks or if they have been replaced! i had 3 sets replaced under warranty and then gave up and replaced them, the 05 wide tracks are great cars though
  7. cruz104

    Clutch And Flywheel

    Hi Jose I have a lightened wheel and not really noticed much of a difference yet but then again it has only been out once since it was fitted.
  8. cruz104

    Clutch And Flywheel

    I have just relaced a clutch and fly wheel on my new age. i went with the pink box excedy package feom aztec performance, great service, good package deal price for clutch and fly wheel, feels just like a standard clutch but can handle up to 400 bhp, give them a ring they are very good and the advice was excellent. ta john www.superhids.co.uk
  9. cruz104

    Handling Issues

    Hi Kenny I had a similar problem when i first put the coilovers on, after messing about with the damper settings and getting no where i took it to John at Pro grip who set the car up for me and it was very good after that, when the car was set up initally it was set up too low & hard and was bouncing and skipping about all over the place,once it was raised slightly and the dampers set up correctly it was fine, i still have issues in the wet due to my preference for summer tyres, Barry will be along shortly to give me abuse for just being a crap driver and a poof lol It takes a wee while to get it the way you want it and i found talking to John at progrip a great help, he listens to what you use the car for and adjusts it till you are happy, it does make you question things when the car is not handling right though so be patient and talk to the right people. oh the other thing i learned recently some anti roll bars have 2 settings and one of them can make the car twitchy as hell, need someone with more knowledge than me to advise you on that. Hope that kinda helps john
  10. looking great Baz, some amount of work has gone into that car, like the wing mirrors
  11. cruz104

    Gutted And Disappointed

    What a day that has been for you Kaylz, think your day may not be totally wasted though as the RB5 is sounding promising. big up to Baz for helping today at short notice, i think he is gonna be the RO for Fife next week as he has moved to Glenrothes
  12. How are you getting on buddy!

  13. cruz104

    FAO Total Impreza

    Well done team glad this got sorted
  14. cruz104

    Happy Birthday badbaz

    I pi$hed ma pants when i read this ..........again