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  1. Can you guys recommend anyone for importing? What was your experience?
  2. My first car was a peugeot 105, Then I had a gold Rover 25, I bought my first scooby when I was 19. Just a sport because of the insurance - can remember the insurance being £1250!! At the same time Gordon had his sport. When I first bought it (on the left) Gordons is on the right: After a few months I changed the graphics: :We sold them both and bought our first WRX: Then bought an R (which used to slide round roundabouts - was never right since I had it so got rid of it after 5 months): Then we bought an RB5 which needed a bit too much work done to have any point in restoring it: Then bought an Audi Q7 4.2 v8 petrol, which I've just sold after being in love with it for a year as the gearbox went so got a wee C3 till March when the new RR Sports are available, decided to give one of them a go. Just bought a GT-R Black Edition, which after owning for only a month has cemented itself into our lives, can't imagine ever selling it! : Got no scoobs now, but I'm only 25, so plenty time! I'm after a white blob
  3. Very nice indeed! Welcome aboard. Your first scooby?
  4. Not bad! Always feels a lot more worth it once you've done it yourself. And hey, any pennies saved can be spent on fuel
  5. Why not head over to the technical section in case someone's not looked in here. Good luck though!
  6. Did you manage to get some pics? Welcome
  7. Welcome buddy. Would love to see that king size quilt on the motor, no bad for some!
  8. An RB5 you say? You telling fibs...??? It's just that there's no PICS PICS PICS PICS PICS!!! I Salute you, fellow RB5er Why not get it completely standard and beautiful and polished and perfect?!?!? Welcome along
  10. Hope you've got deep pockets buddy, I hate people putting a downer on posts aswell but I really hope it all come together for you and it wasn't cheaper to keep the wagon
  11. Sad times to hear a family friend (29 years old), who had a baby last month and has a 2 year old and his Wife is only 27, lost his life this morning. Just a normal Monday morning drive to work, a deer ran out in front of the bike and then they were hit by a minibus coming the other way round the corner. Drive safe folks. You might think it's safe to overtake but you just don't know what's round that corner ahead. A bike could be coming round at 70. God, I'm so so shocked. I can't imagine Husband/ Daddy going out to work and not coming home ever again. Has made me seriously re-evaluate things cause you just never know. Rest in Peace Scott.
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