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  1. @Lockheed have you seen somewhere to get a half cage? I'm waiting on custom cages for some news! Car is pretty much fully stripped now. Trying to decide whether to acid dip or just to get the underside blasted. Engine is going to have some choice mods while it's out for reliability etc but nothing too major.
  2. @Lockheed she'll be road legal but as stripped as we can get away with. I think the cage plan is going ahead (as I don't want to be without a cage and without airbags!)
  3. Mainly been fiddling to get the interior out for the last couple of evenings and now starting on the mammoth task of removing all the wiring.....
  4. Godspeed did a good'un then @t5nyw - what did it cost?
  5. Thanks guys. Shell stripping has been put off this weekend in order to get some paint on the parts that were blasted (see pic!). All the bushes were left in for blasting/paint as they’re all getting replaced anyway. Brakes calipers are also in a bit of a state so will need to properly sort them out if anyone knows of somewhere worth sending them for fresh paint? I’ll turn this in to a bit of a project thread as I go! Dipping is booked for Feb 5th so plenty needing to be done before then! Currently thinking against the full cage, but at the same time I kinda feel like I sho
  6. So if anyone is interested, I started stripping my 2009 330s a couple of weeks back to be able to bang some under seal on, as it looked a bit tatty on the ramp. Basically, what I found is some pretty nasty corrosion, which has led me to end up booking the shell in for dipping in Feb. The question is, do I rebuild as stock, or go down the track car route as it’ll have been dipped. It’s only a summer, fun car and doesn’t have much use, so there’s no practicality element needed. It’s already on Ohlins suspension and has a few other choice mods, so really I’m after some poking to work ou
  7. Thanks guys! Any recommendations of brand etc? Millers?
  8. I've done a search but can't find anything, so, what oil would people recommend?! Doing an oil and filter on my 2008 STI in the next week or so, as well as diff and gearbox oil just to be sure. I'm going to go for Millers gear oil but not sure on the engine as I've seen so many different recommendations! RCM say they use 15w50 but that seems a little extreme?! Help me out please!
  9. Hey guys hows it going? So after a few years of adulting I’ve bought another Impreza. I had a turbo 2000 hatch, Forester Sti and now this 330S. Gonna be fairly tinkered with but tastefully so will keep things posted on here!
  10. Cheers dude A set of gauges would have been on my list though, had things been better!
  11. unfortunately im going to be having the worst christmas ever, having to sell my scoob with the credit crunch and all, its having to go, but its definately not going to be my first and last, there will definately be another when times are better again!
  12. yeh, chances are it would have been a subaru demo car or something??
  13. theres one in the episode 1 titles too.... guessing its your car???!
  14. Welcome along dude, cars looking sweet!!
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