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  1. Thanks guys! Any recommendations of brand etc? Millers?
  2. I've done a search but can't find anything, so, what oil would people recommend?! Doing an oil and filter on my 2008 STI in the next week or so, as well as diff and gearbox oil just to be sure. I'm going to go for Millers gear oil but not sure on the engine as I've seen so many different recommendations! RCM say they use 15w50 but that seems a little extreme?! Help me out please!
  3. Hey guys hows it going? So after a few years of adulting I’ve bought another Impreza. I had a turbo 2000 hatch, Forester Sti and now this 330S. Gonna be fairly tinkered with but tastefully so will keep things posted on here!
  4. Cheers dude A set of gauges would have been on my list though, had things been better!
  5. unfortunately im going to be having the worst christmas ever, having to sell my scoob with the credit crunch and all, its having to go, but its definately not going to be my first and last, there will definately be another when times are better again!
  6. yeh, chances are it would have been a subaru demo car or something??
  7. theres one in the episode 1 titles too.... guessing its your car???!
  8. Welcome along dude, cars looking sweet!!
  9. Could be the dump valve, my mate has a celica GT4 with an HKS SSQV that did the same thing, was fine under acceleration but while cruising on the motorway it kept dumping pressure. Im not an expert though, so it could be something different, but i hope that helps Cheers
  10. Credit crunch has hit my family really badly. I was put down to a 2/3 day week, and due to that, not enough money is coming in, but theres no work around here temporarily as i'v applied for a job with PGL (kids holiday company) which starts in January, then planning to do an apprenticeship incuding degree with airbus starting in september. Dads business was forced to shut down due to the bank deciding to withdraw all the businesses banking services (credit cards, overdraft etc), and been helping clear the office out today. He'd been working there for 26years, MD for 20, and owned the business for the last 19 years. Hes now nearly 60 and finding it impossible to find a job anywhere due to the non existant construction industry. The business made bespoke staircases, ballustrade, ceilings, etc, their only limit was never to do the same thing twice, with recent jobs including a house for Lady Hamlyn, the Hamiltons architects new offices in london, and work in the sainsbury centre in norwich. The worst bit about it is that, yes times were bad, but they could have pulled through if it wasnt for the bank withdrawing their services.
  11. Passed it now did the lights last night On emissions though, mine was the same, virtually nill during the rev test, went up slightly at idle though
  12. As the title.....i failed my MOT today....oh whaaaat!!! But......it failed because both the rear number plate lights werent working.....but im wondering....do they have a fuse?? I ask because they were both working fine just over a week ago, and now both arent working... And i'm going to have to grind the corroded screws out which is a bit of a pain, has anyone fitted new/different lights and prices and where from?? Cheers guys, have to have the car retested on monday so havnt got too long to sort things!!
  13. Im coming up to 85k miles now, and going to do an oil change after the weekend as the next 5000 are up, but: 1 - Im going to change the air filter too, whats best to get? Iv heard talk about green cotton ones, but any opinions? 2 - When does the fuel filter need changing? 3 - Spark plugs......talk to me! (miles between changes etc!) 4 - Is there a better grade of oil now the cars 8 years old than 10w40? Iv always used 10w40 Shell helix plus as its what the original stuff with the car says to use! 5 - Cam belt intervals. Iv seen loads of different belt change intervals, and i dont want a cam belt failure to spell the end of the car....so any idea on an interval? The cars a MY00 UK turbo. Cheers guys
  14. I think the rear springs in the wagon are for extra weight carrying, as coilover kits etc are the same for both the saloon and the wagon. Also, the stealth factor of driving a wagon is one of the best bits, it fits in well, but then when she wants to be let loose, she'll tear up the tarmac! I bought my wagon because of the extra space (as im a mountain bike mechanic by dayjob, I have an RC plane, and I DJ by night), and i wouldnt be able to fit a bike or my model plane in a saloon! The stealth factor has proved to be great though!
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