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  1. thanks for the warm welcome guys enjoyed it .
  2. hi guys just got my ticket for cadwell time attack. hopefully see a few of you there. driving this bad boy lol 2003 spec c ltd
  3. right so an update for all. went to drive and inspect the car on a mot ramp today. i told him it had the rear repaired and i looked inside and underneath and it has got the best repair i have ever seen.only noticable to the trained eye were there was a little overspray on the o/s chassis leg underdeath. perfect job. car drove mint and i asked about him being linked to ralliart and cheshire car perfomance. he was c performance on pistonheads but people kept associating him with cheshire performance so he asked pistonheads to change his name to clives performance. he has no links with ralliartuk which is now called asf motors i think he said. he also said he would drive me there and say so infront of the guys face,,fair enough.the only thing putting me of this car is the amount off rust on the suspension not bodywork.it looks like its been parked on the titanics deck.i suppose being from scotland its had some rough weather to contend with. mileage is 108000kms.i now know joe owned it from import, then andy. then a trader in slough who was trying to make a fast buck and now here. i want to make clear i did not know this guy before i went to view the spec c but my view is he is a genuine guy.careful who he deals with.. just wanted to post my views of clives performance.
  4. so when andy had it i presume the spec is still the same , scott and hayward exhaust,md321 tubby etc. the stripes over the top are gone now too.
  5. ah that clears the username thing up. i saw a joe who said he was the first uk owner.. right
  6. cheers graeme. yes i think he sold it to tpscoob who then sold it on pretty quick. log book shows tweo owners. all the paperwork from andy is there as too are all the mots since in the uk. i think the mileage isssue was people misquoted in kms when it should have been miles etc..bernie
  7. hi guys. been to look at a spec c ra in accrington last week.going again tommorrow to get it on a ramp and a drive. i have since found out it was badgers old car and was rear ended at the ring. repaired at eastern western broxburn but not shown up on an hpi. questions. can anyone who knows anyone who also own ask them to phone me or reply here as to the extent of the damage.how the car was etc. its being sold with 107kms. on it last tax disc is 2013. i really like this car and coming from a 33gtr track car it has some good track bits on it. i have watched badger rally day clip at combe and the ring vid with and and baz but would appreciate first hand knowledge. i believe tps scoob also owned this car at some piont.. cheers bernie.. here is my moby if you want to ring me. 07960 825577.
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