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    website coming up with login errors
  2. Hi, i've a set of 08 Hatch STi shocks that have just been removed for coilovers. 20k miles on them. Give me a pm if you are interested.
  3. stinger

    Rant: Whats Wrong With You Lot?

    Its an interesting point. I remembered the day i picked up my wagon. Within 20 minutes someone put their hand up. By the end of the week it had happened every day. I ended up taking people out in my car just so they could see those silly nerdy subaru drivers waving just because I had the same car! Now i get offended when someone misses me ... ok I dont, it happens a lot, feckin hatch! I wave at everyone. Doesnt stop a***s over taking you in situations does it Monki? (!!!! White Type R Castle Combe !!! Get a grip you fooool!!)
  4. stinger

    The Old Man Has Just Got Older!

    Happy Birthday Ed!!! Have a good day.
  5. stinger

    Help Please - Dilema

    Now you know you want to.... you are welcome to have a nosy at mine.
  6. stinger

    Unlocking Doors Issue

    Ok to unlock the new cars.... One button press does indeed only unlock the drivers door. What you have to do is press once for unlock, then within a short time (after the drivers door has unlocked) press it again and the rest unlocks. I think its 30 seconds but im not sure as i have got used to it. It can be annoying as if you leave it too long you end up relocking the drivers door not unlocking the rest but i prefer it than having someone hop into one of the other doors and having a hijack situation.
  7. stinger

    Big Thanks To Big'd'

    I have just read this thread for the first time. To anyone who hasnt met Big D he is a genuinely nice guy who has a passion for these cars and a passion for helping people. Im not sure how long it takes at any meet ive been to where Iain is before he gets asked advice but its nearer seconds than minutes. He never says no, later or maybe. He tries to help straight away. Iain - keep up the good work, this person seems to have an issue with you personally and seems to be stalking threads where you are thanked or offering advice. Ignore it, you know you are winning on points. 16000 to 1, maybe thats why his name is "the_1". The_1 - i think its about time to remember the old adage, "if you cant say anything nice, dont say anything at all" Site Admins - surely its about time to do something, most message boards i frequent do something about "trolls" which "the_1" clearly is.
  8. stinger

    How Many On Here Own Hatches ?

    Hand raised.
  9. stinger

    Ladies With Subaru's

    Ohhh Hannah surely there are more important things to worry your pretty little head over........ like ironing or what to cook for dinner? JOKE!
  10. stinger


    wouldnt you just love to be that talented at something? i mean........ stinger... talent..... talking crap on the internet, not quite as good tbh
  11. stinger

    Scooby V Astra Vxr

    Just for my little bit of pathetically ill informed opinion.... a friend of mine bought a Astra Vxr just after i got my wagon, and he was giving it the "meet me at .............." just joking around like friends do. Of course i was giving it the full on scooby loving "in a 0-60 the only thing beating me is the space shuttle bring it on", but deep in my head im thinking this could be closer than i'd like. I mean anyone with half a brain can see theirs some seriously good wolves in sheeps clothing around these days, i give you a Golf 2.0 TDi as a prime example. I drive a scooby because i love them, i know theres things that other cars can do "better, stronger, faster" as they used to say about the six million dollar man, but ive got my scoob and you can turn up anywhere in a Fiat Enzo or your Ford DB9 but i bet had at least as much and i warrant a darn sight more fun getting there than you.
  12. stinger

    Return Of The Little Green Goblin!

    looks like it was worth the wait!
  13. See "if you build it, they will come" ...........
  14. I can sympathise but try to overcome it. If you give up your car the scum have won. There are too many cases in this country of scum trying to ruin what other people have because they believe the world owes them everything. The fact you have something nice isnt because you worked hard to get it and then worked hard on it to keep it nice. You shouldnt be forced to change your lifestyle and life choices by the benefits driven underclass this country seems to want to pander to. Keep you car. You bought it for your enjoyment.