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  1. Mmmmm mite just do that the classic has a induction kit on and im thinking wether its better to go back to standard airbox ia there a difference between a jdm airbox and a uk one
  2. Looks bob on mr floz never seen THE ONE so clean 🤣🤣👍👍mite fit the cosworth induction kit to THE REX and hope the engine is happy witj the new mod
  3. I know what yr saying love the noise of the classic and its got the odd squeak and groan but that just adds to the character
  4. Its a beast ive no proof but previous owner says its got well over 300bhp and when planted my right foot into the carpet it bloody took off and the result was a massive smile from ear to ear you gotta love a classic 🤣🤣
  5. Well spent this saturday morning down at coventry motor meseum for breakfast club loads of cracking motors knocking about from the likes of truimph,volkswagen,rolls royce,jaguar,and a few older cars so i rocked up in my new addition and kept the jap flag flying great weather great coffe and cake plus loads of iconic cars all in all cracking morning out
  6. Ooooh sweepy indicators mmmmm now theres a thought 😂
  7. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  8. I leave it for a few seconds and enjoy the moment when my dials sweep round and go back again oooh u gotta love sweepy dials dont you think MR FLOZ 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  9. Dunno about donkeys think it was labrodor 🤣🤣
  10. Ooh ok im sold off to thomas cook to book the damn flights ive heard the burgers are not too shabby in the USA as well gotta be better than the one i had on last sunday nite with #SCOOBYFLOZ aaarrgghh my poor poor tummy 🤢🤢🤮🤮
  11. Lol i know what your saying i havnt driven a eaton twin split gearbox for over ten years and i must admit i did play a few tunes trying to find the gears but once i got back into it i enjoyed it loads just wish my boss would get a couple of peterbilts for us because the sleeper cab is bigger than my entire cab oh well guess ill have to move to the states 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Hi all trust all is good with you and yr scoobys i had a cracking day out on saturday at bruntingthorpe test track as my dearly beloved got me a full blown drive in a american peterbilt truck HELL YEH sad as it sounds ive wanted to drive one for years and was blown away by the whole experience i know i drive a truck all week but this peterbilt is in a different league CATERPILLAR 700bhp engine and a eaton twin splitter gearbox pure old school loved every minute of it so a big thank you to my girlfreind for giving me the chance 😀😀
  13. 139,000 and a little bit more as ive took into account the many trips to V-ATE
  14. Ive got a afterburner 2 system on my wrx hatch and a hayward and scott sports cat its sound spot on when planting the loud pedal into the carpet and nice burble on tickover and its not too loud when on motorways cruising
  15. Thos is gonna get messy me thinks
  16. Bet it ends up in the magical cupbord of narnia pmsl
  17. 🤣🤣🤣🤣the magic cupboard of narnia u cud just about build another scooby from the bits and bobs in there
  18. Just a quick heads up i was after a set of fog light covers for my V2 wrx import and after not much success i found a guy who can make them to order for classics, bugs etc and come painted to your colour spec if anyone intrested in any covers let me know and ill pass on his details they are spot on and a good fit and quick delivery as well
  19. Hya bud welcome to the fold i had to replace all the caliper slider pins on the rear and both front calipers my 2008 wrx hatch i guess its like most things on cars they just wear out i think my was lack of use as i go to work on a sunday and stands all week till friday so i guess that dosent help thr situation but reolacing the slider pins is a easy DIY job just go steady tring to undo the bolts as they are prone to shearing off i found a good soaking for a few hours eith good old WD40 helped and when i fit the new ones a dab of copper grease on the threads just in case i need to remove the pins again stops them seizing up hope this helps
  20. Oooh mate its a bloody minefield mite just cut the original one in half and see what happens😂😂
  21. I had to cut THE REXS smoking down to 10 a day have you seen the price of a pack of ciggies oops am i missing the point sorry couldnt resist hope its not to serious and its sorted soon
  22. Its on the xmas list to my misses lol😀
  23. So after tipping my load at knutsford my re-load was ewloe nr shotton so went and got loaded and parked up at the BP garage on deeside industrial estate and to my suprise the wales rally service village is slap bang next road down so when it opens tommorow at 9am im hoping to work my loads so i can get back here tommow evening as the village is open till 10pm and go have a nosey round theres a few rally cars knocking about so i hope to be back here fingers crossed 😁😁 so as a taster i spotted this toyota gt86 wearing a wales rally wrap
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