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  1. Hi paul good to have you on board
  2. Nope other scoob gone bruv no the maf isnt new but it starts better than with the old maf and no CEL light comes on
  3. If i leave it on idle after first starting it dies after about 30secs but if i keep my foot on the throttle atnabout 1500revs it runs but a bit lumpy and as soon as throttle released it dies
  4. Hi don i did a ecu reset amd the CEL light is no longer on it fires up atraight the way and runs on choke for about 30secs then gives up ive made no adjustment on the idle control valve as this is the other classic i bought since selling the v2 ive only changed the maf on this one
  5. It does mr floz if i keep me foot on the loud pedal its seems ok
  6. Well orange maf arrived fitted it and car starts no problem it idles for about 30secs then just dies any ideas before i get a gallon of V-POWER and a match !!!!! And send it to the great subaru gods in the sky
  7. So i was powering down the M1 lastnite in the mighty actros thinking about what to have for my dinner.so came off at junction 28 alfreton and went to the recycling facility to tip my load off half way thru tipping there was a explosion from under the cab which then filled with what i thought was smoke so sod it i bailed out and ran away from the truck i then noticed water underneath the truck and it was then i realised there was no fire but the mighty actros has dumped all its bodily fluids on the floor and the cause of the explosion was the header tank completely letting go it split clean in half taking out the radiator and hoses as well so its fooked at the mo so im in a daf lets hope mercedes at derby get it done asap cos ive gone from the penthouse suite to a bloody bedsit lol
  8. Yep i totally agree plus i didnt like the look of there big bills as i imagine they charge by the hour 不不不
  9. So i tipped my load of paper at palm paper in kings lynn and my reload was nr norwich so i spent the nite in the small town of swaffham found the lorry park which was a car park but space for about 8 artics wandered to the pub for a meal and when i got back to the mighty actros i spotted the security team looking after my truck so i rewarded there hard work with a couple of jammie dodgers 不不不不
  10. Hya bud good to see you yesterday
  11. Hya bud welcome to the madhouse 不不
  12. Orange label maf ordered and awaiting delivery so that should sort the issue
  13. Quick update the new maf is the wrong size its for a uk car which is 80mm and the part number on the box says its a 90mm gggrrrr guess ill send it back
  14. Hi all maybe a stupid question but here we go im putting my classic back to as near standard as i can so im getting rid of the induction kit the maf thats on it now is knackered so i managed to get a new one but the diameter of the pipe in the maf housing is smaller than the maf that was on it, the new one is a blueprint part with the same part number as a original subaru one so i can only assume the knackerd maf is the wrong one for the car any ideas on diameter sizes?????? Also will a standard airbox of a uk car fit my jdm car as i wanna put it back on and ditch the induction kit old maf is on the left new maf on the right as you can see the new maf is smaller any info much appreciated
  15. Hi joff, that's very kind of you to help Floz like that.Its times like this that its good as a club to stick together and help others where we can. well done

    1. scoobyjoff


      Hi bud thanks for your message Well hes been good to me over the years so its not a problem hes a good mate and a cracking chairman so if i can help in anyway its no problem lets hope things come good for him and all involved its right what he says tho life can change and go wrong in a instant

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