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  1. Impreza Rear spoiler for sale

    Not guilty even tho i need a new one
  2. Spotted in coventry

    Lol just in the background bruv we were in greggs for a change
  3. Spotted in coventry

    Spotted this wrx sti in cov earlier very nice
  4. Ooooh yes you did young man just the rest of the stuff in the cupboard now
  5. Well you should be ok drilling the holes in the bonnet of THE 1.bonnet catches spring to mind
  6. I totally agree i went immingham docks last week and counted at least 3 ships discharging cheap russian coal onto the docks and i have a bit of a confession i had the RS tiger stripes you mention on my RS turbo the era of the hot hatches were fun times nearly every manafacturer bought a little something to the hot hatch party even rover tried with the mgs and that didnt go too well lol i had a renault 19 turbo williams was a bloody brill car loads of fun lets hope someone can squeeze the performance we all crave out of a 1ltr turbo lump but i guess its highly unlikely
  7. Well its all gonna go wrong soon we need electricity for re-charging all these eco freindly cars and our goverment have closed or mothballed all our powerstations so how long will it be before they have to bring back on line coal fired power stations like DRAX in yorkshire i know for a fact that ratcliffe on soar powerstation burns 10.000 tonnes of coal a day just for generating electric for normal use so imagine in 3-5 yrs when were surrounded by electric cars and the power stations are all burning more coal to keep up with demand i know there are energy from waste plants that are in use but it still takes 100s of lorries a day to feed the incinerators so again when were electric or hybrid more trucks will have to be on the roads to keep up with demand i agree it will be a sad day when turbo charged petrol engines are no more i miss the old days of the cossies escorts and such like but this is so called progress and its SHITE so i think we should keep our scoobs going as long as possible and sod the emissions
  8. P1

    Guess we all better move to japan then anyone got a dremmel i can borrow
  9. P1

    I totally agree its just a shame the wrx and STIs are never going to be built again i think its a sad day and the end of a era i think you will all agree with that just wish subaru would reconsider but i guess there hands are tied with emissions and such like
  10. P1

    Spotted this P1 in nottingham nr showcase cinema
  11. Spotted in north berwick train station car park wrx sti 330s
  12. Hello

    You dont need a excuse to slip out unless its the TBI
  13. Hello

    Lol i know what you mean bud i would have made my excuses and slipped out for a bit purely for research purposes
  14. Hello

    Hya bud i did notice yr bug nice looking motor fantastic morning big thank you to everyone involved at subaru HQ uk big pats on backs all round hope to visit again soon