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  1. Bonnet release cable

    I know what your saying ive emailed them to see what my options are ive always hed good customer service from them
  2. Bonnet release cable

    No bruv cant see anything so only option is get it booked in at scoobyworld and let them work there magic i reckon front bumbers gotta come off
  3. Bonnet release cable

    So i pulled the bonnet catch to check THE REXS bodily fluids and there was a loud crack Aaaarrrrggghhh guess the bloody cable has snapped any ideas how to get bonnet up and how to replace the cable or is it a garage job
  4. New splitter fitted.....FINALLY

    Probarly not we could do my splitter and you bonnet catches at modified live
  5. New splitter fitted.....FINALLY

    While were on the subject of splitters just ordered one for THE REX now i suppose its time to watch you tube vids on how to remove front bumper and also side skirts so i can fit the side skirt extentions that THE DON kindly donated
  6. Power steering pump

    Lol cheers mr don for you help
  7. Power steering pump

    Lets hope so ccrein as it was doing my nut in
  8. Power steering pump

    Well got as much of the old fluid out as possible with a turkey baster topped up with new fluid and moved steering lock to lock for around ten mins and up to now no more squeal and no more notchy steering and no more groaning pump so hopefully jobs sorted ill try it in a few hours after its settled a bit
  9. Water in boot

    Are you sure you fitted a seal and not a dolphin
  10. Water in boot

    I had this trouble on my classic mate i cleaned up the boot seal and checked it for cracks and splits etc wasnt much damage to it and the clean seemed to cure the problem a change of seal mite be worth looking at but i had trouble finding one tbh
  11. Power steering pump

    Well if you find any pumps let me know lol
  12. Power steering pump

    Also would i need to bleed the system as ive removed the hose to replace the "O" ring
  13. Power steering pump

    New update on my squealer wrx just started engine turned wheel from lock to lock and no squeal but now the pump is groaning under load so i guess the quick fix didnt work anybody know where i can salvage a pump cos i cant find one anywhere
  14. Power steering pump

    Quick update on my squealer wrx new "O" ring lubed and fitted belt tighten up, tried it seems ok but the test is in the morning fingers crossed this sorts the issue also gonna change fluid as well tommorow mmmmm please be a quick fix cos cant get a pump for love nor money thanks to you all for your suggestions and info ill let you know the outcome
  15. Power steering pump

    Im hoping the £5 replacment o ring and tightening of the belt sorts it ccrein as its making my head hurt now