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  1. scoobyjoff


    Ive got a afterburner 2 system on my wrx hatch and a hayward and scott sports cat its sound spot on when planting the loud pedal into the carpet and nice burble on tickover and its not too loud when on motorways cruising
  2. scoobyjoff

    02 Change My Mind - No more power for BRZ

    Is that the STI model looks quite nice mmmmmm tempted 不不 mite feel a change coming on
  3. scoobyjoff

    Fog light covers

    不不不不the magic cupboard of narnia u cud just about build another scooby from the bits and bobs in there
  4. Just a quick heads up i was after a set of fog light covers for my V2 wrx import and after not much success i found a guy who can make them to order for classics, bugs etc and come painted to your colour spec if anyone intrested in any covers let me know and ill pass on his details they are spot on and a good fit and quick delivery as well
  5. Could be a badly fitted bodykit
  6. scoobyjoff

    Smoke on tick over

    I had to cut THE REXS smoking down to 10 a day have you seen the price of a pack of ciggies oops am i missing the point sorry couldnt resist hope its not to serious and its sorted soon
  7. scoobyjoff

    Storm Trooper is for Sale

    Its on the xmas list to my misses lol
  8. scoobyjoff

    Something a little different

    Play nicely you two
  9. scoobyjoff

    Cars & Coffee (Nottingham)

    Oooh some nice scoobys there well me and THE REX are off to cars and coffee at coventry transport meseum this saturday so best polish the old girl up friday nite
  10. scoobyjoff

    How to drive your Subaru fast

    No danger of you or your lad driving THE 1 slowly POWWWEEERRRR不不不不
  11. scoobyjoff

    Bonnet release cable

    Ooooh ill await photographic evidence of the step by step instillation of the aero catches
  12. scoobyjoff

    Bonnet release cable

    A little phone call from the crew at scoobyworld telling me THE REXs bonnet cable has been sorted so ive treated the old girl to a oil and filter change so hopefully no more bonnet issues mmmmm now do i invest in a carbon bonnet as i know a man with some aero bonnet catches gathering dust in a cupboard
  13. scoobyjoff

    New gadget

    Ooooh bitchy
  14. scoobyjoff

    New gadget

    After a couple of hours tinkering this afternoon the new stereo with sat nav is all plumbed in and working and i must say im impressed as the standard stereo that was in THE REX looked like it belonged in the 80s just gotta route the cable for the microphone through the dash for the hands free option but im chuffed for now