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  1. michael_jenkins

    Facelift Upgraded My Type R

    Very nice mate! I did this to my old '94 Turbo 2000, I made a guide that's up on Scoobypedia somewhere! Good job, looks mint!
  2. michael_jenkins

    Number of Imprezas Taxed in UK

    Good find mate! Havent seen this website! I feel a TG article coming on
  3. I work for BG Group (Not British Gas) on-site audio visual technician.
  4. I work in the industry too, wish I got a payrise! Where do you work?
  5. michael_jenkins

    Impreza From Hot Fuzz

    Primeval too http://www.imcdb.org/vehicle_393145-Subaru-Impreza-WRX-GD-2003.html
  6. Excellent! I used to do a lot of business miles with my old company. Back then I would drive the 205 and leave the P1 at home. Used to make about £100 a month on fuel expenses!
  7. michael_jenkins

    Impreza From Hot Fuzz

    Ah I see, ha! I'd have it too just for the sake of it. What other films was it in?
  8. I've got 800 miles out of £80 worth of diesel in my 307 in the last couple of weeks. Thats 66MPG! After taking the P1 out at the weekend for the first time in 6 months, I put £40 V-Power in and got 130miles, couldn't believe it, forgotten what it's like! I thought the fuel gauge was broken! haha.
  9. michael_jenkins

    Impreza From Hot Fuzz

    I can't see the reg? just a showplate?
  10. michael_jenkins

    Impreza at the TT

    Excellent! wondering if they'll show it on ITV4s TT coverage tonight?
  11. Last year, my old job was within walking distance from my house. In Jan, I started a job that's a 70mile round trip a day. Rathering than racking up the miles on my P1 and paying through the teeth for fuel, I decided to buy a Peugeot 307 2.0 HDi in March. I'm glad I did, I've done 7,000 miles since March and have been averaging 60mpg. I've only done 10,000 in the last 2 years in my P1 so I'd have been gutted if I'd put 7,000 miles on her in 3 months! Having a MultiCar policy with Admiral for both cars and the amount it costs to run the 307 and the price I paid for it, I expect to start breaking even in about 12months time! by then, the car, insurance and fuel would have paid for it's self compared to how much the Subaru would have cost to run to working and back everyday!
  12. michael_jenkins

    Number of Imprezas Taxed in UK

    Keep hold of 'em, keep 'em clean!
  13. michael_jenkins

    Number of Imprezas Taxed in UK

    Little do you know, the first text "oi, who've you been giving my number to? Just had a phone call from some bloke called michael" was kind of both our idea. Ha ha!
  14. michael_jenkins

    Number of Imprezas Taxed in UK

    Ha ha, there's a reason there is less than 200 By the way, don't give peoples mobile numbers out to strangers
  15. Good to finally have the P1 back on the road! :)