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  1. Smashed Iphone

    try here Linky Not sure if they repair the iPhone though but must be worth a phone call. They used to have a drop in centre however have never used them for personal handsets, only business stuff.
  2. Recomend Me A Phone

    The news you have been waiting for. It was announced to the stock market today so I can add the link... sales begin early 2010 on both the 3G and 3GS.. Vodafone link...
  3. Recomend Me A Phone

    What version of Firmware is on it? is it 6.1?
  4. Recomend Me A Phone

    It's Unlikely that Vodafone will sell the 3GS in the UK just yet.. As for the Touch Pro 2 it will come with a Windows mobile 6.5 upgrade from the 6th October. 6.5 has much more interactive user interface with finger touch "Gestures and Navigation ". It looks like it's built for Web experience more than anything else. It also comes with "Windows market place " which you can pretty much substitute for the Apps store on Apple. 6.5 is being seen as the big attack on apple.... the Apps stores content will decide which one to go for. To top it all of there is a new BB Storm coming as well.....
  5. Iphone

    Must admit I have tried every phone bar the iphone but only cause i cant get it free on Vodafone. Still mainly using Blackberry with the Storm and 8900. Research in motion have now launched their own apps store. Nowhere near as good as the Apple version however it shows that Apps mixed with content seems to be the way to go these days. Blackberry Apps Store? strange that Vodafone has recently launched it's own Apps store and O2's UK exclusive deal finishes end of July this year... Vodafone Apps Store
  6. The Truth In 24

    Tricky website to Navigate - Huge respect for Alan NcNish though... a proper race car Driver.
  7. Hi New Member

    Hello and Welcome Shelly Pictures of the new motor are always nice.......
  8. Blackberry On Vodafone

    How many people actually look at the CD's in the box though....... Most blokes like me just through it in the bin and try to work out the device for ourselves..
  9. Blackberry On Vodafone

    I know just how much people like their gadgets on this forum, especially phones and camera's... Vodafone have posted the new device firmware for Blackberry devices on the web. It contains all the files required to Flash the devices with the upgraded version's. Some of the 8100 and 8300 devices can be upgraded to the new Firmware tha ships in the Storm and Bold. I notice there is a new Storm update as well, I think someone on here has one of these devices if I remember correctly. It's easy enough to flash the new firmware, just download the desktop manager software, download the Flash file and plug in the Handset into the USB. Blackberry software Downloads Cheers Christian
  10. Joke (?)

    Most people can see the funny side of this though...... when was the last time a Public sector employee lost ther Job Though????? Given the current climate anyone that pays there taxes is intitled to laugh ......
  11. P M S

    Well i Guess Andy will have reply to this thread eventually and I'm sure he will explain the current " goat "situation ........ Andy ..... Over to you mate...
  12. Strangers

    Welcome back....... Post up some pics of the new / current motor....... Plenty Classics for sale just now... including mine Cheers Christian
  13. Rocker Cover Gaskets

    Kev, I just had all that work done last year by Grant at AWD. All the engine gaskets and seals were replaced. The sump looked a bit porous bit it still seems ok. My car is a UK98 as well.... the rocker gasket had a slight leak on the left hand side and the oil just collects on the exhaust manifold creating the burning smell and smoke out the bonnet scope. Easily rectified though.. I'll dig out the reciepts as all the part numbers are listed. You could maybe give them a bell at AWD as well as they supplied the parts. Not sure if there was much of a price difference between them and the main stealers prices..
  14. Scottish Big Meet

    1) Jonboywrx + Debs 2) Cruz104 3) Paul555sti 4) Scoobysailor and family 5) Bobby C 6) Maxxed_Ross 7) ryan_gwa 8) imy + grant 9) scooby222 10) Stubaroo + Lindsy + family 11) NKWRX+ Niall 12) STI Pretender 13)Windy1945 14) Midnight21 15) scoobyit 16) Higgy. will try and make it to this one. 17) empty heed 18) BigBev
  15. Wanted: Job

    ??? Yosser Hughes........... I do believe. Starting to show my age here A damn fine mini series from Mr Alan Bleasdale.