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  1. Good pics Chris, yeh poor numbers mate, I don't know what to suggest to you only 4 people on the forum, jumped across from the RSOC where there's 118 on line, not good times but don't give up
  2. Looks good Peter always thought they looked stunning in black or white
  3. Really suits the car it's looking fair braw keep up the good work, missing my RA big time
  4. Had a great day nice to catch up with the usual suspects banter was top notch as usual, thanx for letting me sneak in & park on the end of your stand. Got a mercy call from Gus on the way home his bottom radiator hose gave up the ghost, managed to help him out with a wee running repair & topped back up with 8 litres of Bonnybridges finest Aqua lol
  5. Congrats Keira You and Kenny will do a sterling job must try and get over to join you for a wee lol
  6. Always used Skidz for my tyres, good guy's & will do you a decent deal
  7. Just heat them up using a hairdryer & they come off no problemo
  8. The GB is overpriced & remember road tax will be increasing by around £25 every year, loads of nice 2.0l STi's out there if you can get rid of your own privately
  9. Hey Chris welcome back mate, just as i'm leaving my old scoob goes on Tuesday
  10. No Kev would love to mate but would have to take 37.5 hrs holiday as i'm nightshift weekend, it would be too much for the old RA and as soon as i've transferred Mag's plate it will be up for sale, don't plan on buying another subaru any time in the near future as I'm busy with other projects
  11. Nice one Kev did you get all your shiney bits fitted then?
  12. That looks nice Gordon tempted myself lol
  13. Congrats Cathy not before time, will catch up sometime Gus, scooby scene seems to be either hybernating or dying a slow death over the winter roll on the better weather
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