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  1. Wrx 2.5 headmaster? Let me down gently

    Ok. So ill do this my self at home what else is worth doing Or sti engine? Or is that a huge job, whats needed for that Cheers
  2. Hi people I have. 2.5 wagon wrx 2006 So the temp gauge went up the other day after a bit of a blat, car is on 116000m It had filled the plastic expansion bottle(one next to the rad) Any way refilled the system as we empty. Driving gentle it was fine give it some boost same happens. So properly burped the system put expansion on the low level Took for a 20mile drive it was perfect not using boost.. Only put a little in the expansion tank basically as it should Then used boost again got home it started heating up lots air on system and plastic expansion tank was filled to the brim.. ;( Headgasket I'm guessing.. As it works same way as my old mr2.. Anything also possible bit I really can't see it Thanks
  3. Random moment

    awesome... my old lowloader i used for racing had 390K on it.. until the aa towed it with the tow hook rather than chassis when it was full laden and ripped the front off
  4. Back again, Impreza Hawkeye this time

    Oh like the prodrive knob need to find one of them Also like those skirts yeah the more i drive the car the more i like the setup as it is, so it may stay as is, time will teel, It is my family wagon not a weekend toy but a workhorse undecided on the backbox yet, ill stick my new centre pipe on and see, as i do like the current noise.. yours looks really smartm would love a set of them skirts and rear spats whats the OE splash guard? is that the black bits on the arches, as i have them
  5. Back again, Impreza Hawkeye this time

    Thanks guys first mod was done today the "teeth" on the scoop are now black also arrived as i was leaving for work was the de-res centre section:thumb: I am still contemplating suspension, i drive a lot of back roads and as i am getting to know it, i have noticed the stock suspension just kind of soaks up everything, not keen to loose that to be fair.. but its still 100K old springs on it.... i have fitted springs before and its become crashy on other cars.. maybe i just need to do ARBs? ormaybe whiteline springs i have heard good things about.. any thoughts on this? like say my daily commute is bumpy b roads I think first place for improvment will be braided lines better pads and discs...
  6. Back again, Impreza Hawkeye this time

    Hi guys!! thanks for the warm welcome Rear tints are on my list, rear doors back i think I have ordered a centre silencer delete, if that isn't enough i have found loads of backboxes, seen the vortex one, that is quite high on my list.. My neighbors never complain as i always have loud cars, but i do nights and go to work at 5 in the morning too so i'd like ot be a little carefull its only fair Speakers yes defo need upgrading.. , i use the cubby hole to put my phone and it has the stereo mic as its blue tooth so plays all my music etc.. Colour wise.. silver.. thats about all i know I am on the hunt for a gear knob, not yet found one i like.. so if you see anything please point me in that directionn Whats a bottom line kit?........ loving the wagon, handy when i have 3 dogs, but it will always be kept spotless !! have not yet found my seat position yet, but i will. Cheers Pete ps.s waist spoiler is a big no no for me too!! i so want to do the teeth in the scoop black soon as i don't like them
  7. How do all. Been on and off here a few times, been a number of years since i have had an impreza. I have been on off playing with focus st's amongst other things, anyway got bored of them breaking. My best mate was getting himself a m5, and selling his scoob which he got from subaru back on 42kmiles. since then i know everything he has done with it and what that it has been a great car for him. so when my focus decided to spit it coolant everywhere again i decided it was time to grab this good car off him Its a 06 hawkeye, at 20k it had the prodrive kit fitted at subaru. other than that it is stock. I have a few plans for it. i do not want to touch the engine, he has kitted a KnN panel filter which will stay, my wife has also asked it to be a bit louder as only has a prodrive back box, which i like. So i looking around i will probably take off the last car and the middle silencer and see how that sounds, as i got to work at 5 in the morning at lot, also just coming from a very loud focus i don't want that again. (Rob on facebook has helped a lot with this) other things i want to do, differnet set of 17s, something anthracite i expect just to give the car contrast, but not black. probably not 18s as i use back roads a lot. It already has a nice new set of rainsports on so they will just swap over. Also lower it slightly. I'd like prodrive springs but heard you can't really get them so probably a set of eibachs. and maybe a front splitter. Oh and a set of antiroll bars. I am not going mad as me and Ben (who i got the car from) have a RX8 was use as a full on track car Just some subtle changes to make it mine really any suggestions? Interior is standard interior although i have fitted my bluetooth stereo. I need to chage the gearknob as its a bit worn, but thats it.... well enough of me rambling sorry, here are some pictures for you lovely people DSC_0162 by peteandkel, on Flickr DSC_0163 by peteandkel, on Flickr DSC_0164 by peteandkel, on Flickr DSC_0165 by peteandkel, on Flickr DSC_0166 by peteandkel, on Flickr DSC_0168 by peteandkel, on Flickr DSC_0170 by peteandkel, on Flickr this needs a good clean up, thats might be one thing i do DSC_0171 by peteandkel, on Flickr DSC_0172 by peteandkel, on Flickr
  8. Hello All, Back Again For A 5Th Time

    there will be lots of pics
  9. Hi all Just purchased my 5th impreza, little different this time i have got it as a project, all started with me being a bit sensible with my bmw, then playing a little looks like this now with new wheels, coilovers, interior bits, goes very well being a 2.5 straight 6 in a small car (and its the longest i have ever owned a car) now its a really nice every day car, and i have got a nice mr2 mk1 as a track car.. but what i felt i was missing was the turbo shove, and something completly bonkers mad, (as well as a toy to work and play on) so after looking around and seeing this sat at the side of the road everyday decided its the project for me, the bottom end has gone but it has got a nice exhaust, big front mount (and a big turbo) with a fettled ecu as well and a few other bits i am sure i will find., and certainly got it cheap enough one first point will be get the engine out, then i will be stripping down the entire car, new suspension, bushes, brakes, play with the interior (new seats etc) make it a full on project car i am soo looking forward to it, i know i would never get the money back but its something i really enjoy doing, i am gonna keep it simple as love the way my bm looks subtle but modifed, but we shall see how time goes also will be stripping down and rebuilding the engine, would like to aim around 400hp so i am sure i will be asking advice etc, never done it before, I have always done all my own work on cars and i am an engineer so really looking forward to the challange of the engine couple of pics for ya. being delivered to me sat be speaking soon
  10. Can You Tow An Impreza

    have bno fear i was not happy with it being towed , its getting picked up sat... now to my newbie(again post to show the car and me)
  11. Can You Tow An Impreza

    i know.. i personally don't think you should but another thinks you can...
  12. Hi all i'm back will do a hello thread shortly but quick question can you tow a classic (k reg) wrx impreza?? Many thanks
  13. yeah iknow trust me the whole thing has been appart.. i found it did not it on the rear just never noticed like on the front... took the line off the cylinder only a bit came out on first squirt.. then nothing... where as on the 2nd line loads came out continuously
  14. My front drivers side caliper kept locking on Kept asking around everyone seemed to think it was the brembo caliper.. Which it was not as rebuilt and it was all find and loose.. but was getting pressure build up in the brake line crack open the bleed release pressure and would release the brake.. when checking was not getting hardly and fluid coming through so started folowing back and found to be the master cylinder... Now go one on order hopefully when fitted ill be back in the scoob properly pretty much since when i first got it..
  15. can't work out how to become a paid member

    ahh cool thanks