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  1. Dunno why you all dont just pile down to Reading for a meet sometime? We have a nice lazy mellow Sunday lunchtime one on first Sunday of month and our big one which is Reading Jap meet on 3rd Tuesday of month in the evening. Usually something going on between these too also. Sincere and friendly invite folks, its not that far and we dont bite
  2. He loves the thing and calls it Suzy Yes, i do worry...
  3. We have a 1985 quattro coupe that comes out for a thrashing now and again Go on matty, do rally show
  4. I have just had confirmation that him indoors will be firing up the quattro for this event Should be a good show, looking forward to this one
  5. Sorry no i dont May actually get round to putting it on one of the cars at some point this weekend to see what it would look like, will do a pic if i do, but its still just painted in primer atm so wont be staying on the car for long...
  6. Looks quite similar to the Subaru Evolution spoiler sat in my shed, but with slightly different brake light mounting - mine's flat, no raised triangly bit... wasnt 400 quid though!!
  7. Book it Stu, i could probably get 10 from Berkshire if i proper nagged everyone - just remember our chat at Combe tho buddy
  8. Berkshire region reporting for duty I will get some numbers for you asap Stu, but id imagine at least 5 cars
  9. Wow, hello stranger! Glad to see all good with you, Harvey looks a sweetheart and good luck with the wedding All the best, Kylie (still using a sport as my daily driver too)
  10. I have a WR Sport backbox on one of mine and its rock solid stainless steel, nice quality. (Exact same as prodrive but WR branded one has oval pipe )
  11. Check out my parking skills... Case closed
  12. Some will probably just be trying their luck... Do not underestimate the number of 1.6, 1.8 n/a imprezas on the roads which have been tweeked with turbo bonnets etc... casual glance in a traffic queue etc wont immediately pick this up (unless you know where to look of course) They are just desperate for you to blast away, would be their highlight of the day
  13. Will you be posting up something for the 'classic girls' too? We arent all male you know HTH
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