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  1. Oh, never seen one with silver decals either !!!!!!
  2. Very nice Are you joining the mcrae gathering, if so, see you there
  3. Thanks It was imported January 07, i bought it from a guy in ayrshire last summer - 340 bhp - zero to 60 in just over 4 secs. She is a beast !
  4. Posted a pic of my car, cant wait to get this animal onto the road for the Mcrae Gathering
  5. Sounds great, cant wait, thanks for the reply
  6. Is it just me, but there has been nothing posted on the Mcrae Gathering website for ages. Does anyone know whats happening, i check this site every day. It sounds such a good event and for a very good reason and a great man !
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    Great Pics mate
  8. parkyssparkys

    Fav Pics

    CMcrae Fav Pics
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