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  1. Really need help I'm lost now

    Hi there,if the car has had sti ecu and ran ok the injectors have been changed,I think rb5 had 380s standard sti would be 440s if the fuel rails have parallel mod check the routing to fpr.As the guys have said it does sound like a boost leak though I would also try another known good maf as they have been known to be faulty straight out of the box.hope this helps. Gary
  2. squeeky clutch..

    Hi first thing I would check is the bush at the top of the pedal slacken the nut and grease failing that remove the fork pin on bellhousing and copper ease if its none of these its probably the pressure plate. I would try a couple of hard launches and see if that helps.Gary
  3. Rear bumper

    Yes classic are the same its newage which are narrower.
  4. wheel arch roller

    Would anyone in the central belt happen to have or know anyone with a wheel arch roller for sale,hire or loan. Both my front and are rubbing due to using spacers to clear brembos on classic.I would obviously leave a deposit if anyone could hire or lend one,failing this I Will be hiring one from ebay if anyone else requires the use of it.Thanks Gary
  5. Cosworth Stroker Kit!

    I could be wrong but i think the above link bears a lot similarities to flat 4 online,I would do some research before sending payment.Cheers Gary
  6. Scoobieshoot Out Crail 29th August2010

    Thanks to Grant for sponsoring the trophies, A great day with perfect conditions which is very unusual by crail standards it was also very quiet meaning the long queues and heatsoak were avoided. First place went to grant in his orange car in the shootout second to steff b in his type r and my old wagon got third with which i am delighted. I managed a 12.5 which is a pb steff did his first 11 Grant was the only other guy to do an 11 all day. Hopefully the plans for next years event will happen sounds good. cheers Gary
  7. Scoobieshoot Out Crail 29th August2010

    Hey Grant, Put Steff wee john and me down for the unmodified and slow class. Cheers Gary
  8. Porting Headers

    Porting yourself isnt too difficult all you really need is a dremmel a good drill grinders and flapper wheels. Do a search there are good write ups on nasioc, Harveys stuff however is well done and I can recommend his up-pipes. Gary
  9. Andy Forrest Group Buy

    QUOTE (jim dbm @ Apr 26 2010, 08:55 PM) ok, so far then.... 1. jim dbm 2. r a dunk 3. 14n-fr 4. x444 wrx 5. alzauk300 6. diffbuster 7. 8. 9. 10.
  10. Tora Tora Tora Banzai Attack Crail

    A good day out Was had,Good to meet Chris your car will easily meet your expectations when it can get enough grip an easy ten or nine to be had at santa pod where they actually spend some money on upkeep and prep. the right hand lane was a joke with mud on the staging area and first 60 feet caused by guys queuing on the verge.But enough excuses I didnt even manage a twelve in the left lane despite 112 mph terminal better luck next time eh.
  11. Clutch Bleeding

    Hi there, On the slave cylinder the bleed nipple is not the highest point, You need to remove the slave cylinder fasten the piston back and bleed with the nipple held at the highest point. cheers Gary
  12. Td05 20g Fitting

    I done my own on a classic,Other than dodgy bolts the most awkward job if you are doing it on your own is getting the turbo in position with the oil return pipe best done with assistance.If the bolts and studs are refusing to budge you can grind off the two on the bracket and remove with the uppipe still attached which i found easier.I have also heard that on a six speed a part of the bellhousing needs ground but havent done that Hope this helps.Gary
  13. Streetcar Scotland Knockhill 23rd Aug

    Is it too late now,I have emailed since there doesnt seem to be a facelift classic listed mines a v5 sti wagon heres hoping Gary.
  14. Td 05-20g

    Another vote for andys here, Quality product value for money and a guarantee thats worth something.mines on 2 litre classic by the way and well worth the effort.
  15. Turbo Intake Pipe Query

    Hi there,the biggest return to the inlet is from the re-circ dump valve which runs under the inlet manifold,the others are crank and head breathers,The best reason for going aftermarket is to delete all of these otherwise standard is good up to fairly high power applications.cheers Gary