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  1. Thanks, I'll have a look see at that!
  2. Simple one this.......or so I thought. Does the newage wrx wagon driveshaft fit the newage wrx saloon and vice versa? Thanks in advance. Myles
  3. 'Unforgettable, thats what I am!!' Ed, I was the guy from Brize I think!!
  4. Both of you get in the queue.
  5. Balls! I have a Nur Spec S and de-res and its a bit loud! Harking from Plymouth, Im down there quite often. Ill have to speak to my mate who is a rozzer down there and get the official line.
  6. I know the ones, I took the crystals off to fit the White ones. I'll pm you my number
  7. The crystal ones? I have a set if you want to PM me for details.
  8. Do you really think so? The OP was messed round rotten, and as a result the perp was obviously not on the list of people to go. Take away his membership? No.
  9. Oh yeah, Iain sorted me right out with the suspension. A star as always........ Looking forward to seeing your next Scoob Iain.
  10. Hi mate, yeah I have a Blitz Nur Spec fitted now, it can be noisy but surprisingly I havr a;ready got used to it. Hows the car running?
  11. Dont open the left header tank, its hot!! And under pressure!! I read on another forum that it can be the thermostat breaking down. That was dynamix who suggested that to a guy who had crap in his expansion tank.
  12. OI Duncan enough about the bugs now!! Cheers for looking after my car, dont sell the noise, buy a cheap banger to commute, youll regret it! Speak soon mate, Myles.
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