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  1. Oiii I was sitting enjoying curry when the mentioned excursion happened
  2. Except with the passenger rides
  3. Planning and building warrant finally granted! Old garage being dismantled in two weeks time, then the digging can start.
  4. paul555sti

    Dark Mica Red Hawkeye

    Ha ha I was in the white blob.
  5. Doubt very much its the fuel, I have only used that stuff in all my cars and never had a problem. Could always be a bad batch but until you get the code it hard to say.
  6. paul555sti

    How Many Left?

    No but loads of imports are wrongly registered as gl's and sports. The numbers wont be too far off just dont take them for exactly correct.
  7. paul555sti

    Dark Mica Red Hawkeye

    There's one north of the boarder as well. I seen it at doune hill climb last year. Chris the red hawk may well have been a JDM spec c. Lichfield have done a red one in the past.
  8. paul555sti

    How Many Left?

    Its not a very accurate site. Loads of impreza are wrongly registered.
  9. paul555sti

    How To Keep Scoob As A Toy?

    Mine has been sitting for three years Here's hoping it starts again one day.
  10. paul555sti

    Automatic Intercooler Sprayer ?

    Some reading for you. The jdm cars have an auto feature on them but the uk ones never got it. http://www.autospeed.com/cms/article.html?&title=Intelligent-Intercooler-Water-Spray-Part-1&A=0527
  11. paul555sti

    I'm Hooked! (In My Footwell)

    It stops the mat slipping forward under the pedals so no required elsewhere. The hook should be facing back toward the drivers seat.
  12. paul555sti

    I'm Hooked! (In My Footwell)

    Car mats hook onto it if I mind right.
  13. paul555sti

    Sti Or Wrx?

    Version 2 had the crappy two pots as well. The red paint on the manifold often flakes off or some folk try to polish them up removing it altogether. Your applied model code in your other thread already proved it was a version 2 sti
  14. paul555sti

    Here She Is!

    Different for the version 2's although i never knew that for the version 1's http://www.type-ra.com/what-model-is-my-impreza/ Every days a school day as they say
  15. paul555sti

    Here She Is!

    Post 43 takes you to the original brochure for the cars. http://www.type-ra.com/subaru-forum/limited-editions-registry/2562-wrx-sti-version-ii-555-a-5.html