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  1. Oiii I was sitting enjoying curry when the mentioned excursion happened
  2. That was dufftown. We all five seasons in one day on that run.
  3. The only man ever to turn up to a run in a full race suit
  4. Planning and building warrant finally granted! Old garage being dismantled in two weeks time, then the digging can start.
  5. I bought i sixteen foot long canadian canoe when blitzed on ebay one night. At the time i owned a mini cooper though so needed a bigger car So i bought a wagon I then sold that and bought the 555 from Gus ( when i got it ) ( currently ) The 555 has been tucked away for a few years and i ended up buying a blob ( when i got it ) ( how it is now ) They have only met the once but i'm about to start building a double man cave for them.
  6. I did mention over moderation in the past and yes I've laughed more tonight on here than in a very long time at some of his comments.
  7. No idea. I'm still here using the forum although sometimes days go past with very little posts. All the older members seem to have moved on and for what ever reason this one doesnt seem to attract the numbers of new members that other ones do.
  8. Its not like loads of members from here jumped ship and moved to .net though. The name thing was wrong but thats not why loads of members have left here.
  9. A couple of pictures from my first run with the club.
  10. RIP Higgy Thats terrible news Gav. Met him quite a few times in my early years on here, my thoughts go out to his family and friends.
  11. Hello stranger! As above I'm sure Peter will know somebody.
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